FEAR of failing is the number one reason why many never pursue or simply give up on their dreams. After all, to achieve success in any endeavor – You have got to be fearless! Or as Les Brown would put it – you have got to be HUNGRY. In other words, you have to let go of the fear of making mistakes, the fear of what others may think, the fear of death, etc. Fear is a paralyzer – and death is inevitable for all of us! When you are aware that death is inevitable, you KNOW that You have got to be fearless to achieve whatever it is that you want before you reach your expiry date! After all, life is NOT a dress rehearsal – you only get the one-shot! Therefore, You have got to be fearless – you have got to be hungry for that which you want!

Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?“.

Caroline Myss

FEAR is a Mindset Matter – You have got to be Fearless

“As a man thinks, so he is. And as he continues to think, so he remains”.

James Allen

Fear, just like any other emotion – begins with a thought. In addition – it starts in your mind! This is why it is critical that we accept this awareness from ‘within’ – from deep ‘within’ our thought processes. You have got to be fearless when seeking the peace of mind that comes from wisdom. After all, wisdom is simply another word for – awareness. Therefore, you must understand and accept that fear is not real, you cannot touch it, it’s not a physical substance. It only exists in your mind! In other words, Where your focus goes – your energy flows! This is powerful ‘inner’ work you are doing here when you rise above your fears and do it anyway. After all – You have got to be fearless in the pursuit of what YOU want!!

Mindset and Your Personal Environment

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”.

Lao Tzu

Be aware and accept on a deep level that things come and go. Thoughts come and go. People come and go. EVERYTHING – comes and goes. Therefore, the ONLY constant in life is change! You have got to be fearless in your thinking to accept this truth. Nothing – no thing – remains the same forever! For instance, simply think of nature or our climatic seasons. They are constantly changing. Above all, we need to be mindful and aware of who we allow into our ‘personal environment’. In other words, who do we spend most of our time with? This is what is meant by your ‘personal environment’.

In addition, it is said – you are a product of the five(5) people with whom you spend most of your time! And as Les Brown will tell you it is critical that you only associate with what he terms O.Q.P.Only Quality People. Les Brown This, I know for sure!

Awareness of these empowering propositions requires that You have got to be fearless in your thinking. You must be aware of, and fearless about, who you allow being a part of YOUR world! Denying such awareness and these universal truths ensures continued suffering and struggle. Mindset-Stillness-Silence

Authentic Success is Knowing You have got to be Fearless

KNOW that at each and every moment – you are free to decide. And to unreservedly accept this universal truth – You have got to be fearless. In addition, you have to be open and 100% honest with Yourself. Similarly, knowing this truth, you cannot deny that we in free democratic countries have such freedom – the freedom to choose moment by moment! In addition, we may not always like the choices before us, but we DO have the power and the ability to freely choose. Therefore, being open to and accepting on a deep ‘inner’ level what I am expressing here may for some – require a mindset shift.

In other words, as stated above in the James Allen quote – you are what you think! You can however choose to live in denial of this universal truth, which will ensure continued struggle and suffering. If you desire change in your life – it MUST start with your thinking! Therefore, you must become a risk-taker in life. So you have to accept that you need to operate outside of your comfort zone. Above all, regardless of your age, race, or gender, you MUST constantly challenge yourself! In addition, you MUST mentally streeeeetch yourself – daily! In other words, You have got to be fearless! And KNOW, that no matter how much you might protest – YOU are responsible for YOUR precious life!


Always strive to get on top in life, because the bottom is overcrowded”.

Les Brown

NEVER take Life for Grantedit does expire!

You have got to be fearless if you desire an extraordinary life! After all as Les Brown will tell you – YOU have greatness in you – you simply must believe it! Similarly, life is about reaching a point where you are aware that simply ‘being’ is as important as ‘doing’. In other words, life is about being present in the here and now. And it is not about being in the past or the future.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”.

Lao Tzu

You have to be fearless and develop the daily habit of finding time for periods of ‘stillness’ in your day – every day! Create this daily habit and a subtle ‘shift’ in your mindset WILL manifest. In other words, a subtle ‘shift’ – in your thinking. And so, you have to be gentle with yourself, be open and honest with yourself, stay focused, trust in the process, be patient, and allow time. After all, life is a marathon, not a sprint!

“People do not decide their futures. People decide their habits and their habits decide their future

Matthias Alexander

“Patience is surrendering to the present and allowing destiny to unfold at its own pace”.

Nari Anastarsia

Taking A Chance – You have to be Fearless!

Take a chance. You have to be fearless. Life has only one guarantee – that it will end! Therefore, you MUST believe in yourself, follow your heart, and live your authentic truth. The heart will never let you down – but the ego-mind is programmed to do exactly that! Release any fears of failure, security, and financial stability. Above all, follow your heart with the intention to serve humanity in some way, and the doors of prosperity, abundance, peace-of-mind, and freedom will open to you. True freedom is attained when you can transcend the imprisonment of your mind.

“The quieter you are, the more that you hear”.

Ram Dass


I will finish this piece – You have to be fearless – with a short extract from a poem a dear friend of mine – Aurthur West – now at rest, would occasionally recite to me when we caught up for an inspirational chat:

Its plugging away that will win you the day

So don’t be a piker old pard

Just call on your grit

It’s easy to quit

It’s keeping on going that’s hard!”

Authentic success requires that You have to be fearless and just keep at it (plugging away). In other words, do not give up on your dreams, on what your heart, NOT your ego-mind, is calling you to do. Shine a light and face those fears! Have faith! Be strong of mind! Let things flow naturally. Don’t rush or be frantic, but rather daily ask your God or Higher Power for clarity of purpose, guidance, and assistance.

One day at a time – inch by inch it’s a cinch!

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