Do people being successful in the traditional sense necessarily mean that they are happy people? In other words, does success mean happiness when we allow our achievements and material wealth to determine our success? If we do, then we live with the misconception that happiness, inner peace, and contentment come from ‘external’ measures. Does success mean happiness? All too often, we learn from those who have achieved such ‘external’ success that it does not lead to the happiness they desire.

“As long as we keep attaching happiness to the external events in our lives, which are ever changing, we’ll always be left waiting for it.”

Tara Brach

“Live in accordance with your outside world, and you’ll soon find misery. Live in accordance with your inside world, and you’ll soon find happiness.”

Steven Bartlett

Money and fame are a facade. In other words, money does nothing other than give you choices. Above all, lots of money means – lots of choices. However, as many of us experience when confronted with too many choices, we can become anxious and struggle with making the right choice. Similarly, if we had a bigger house or larger salary package, we think we would be happier. But instead, we find ourselves reverting all too often to that mindset of wanting more. We need to be aware that material gratification is external. Happiness, on the other hand, is an ‘inside’ job. It comes from within!

Happiness is an Inside job.

We spend our whole life searching for happiness, constantly finding it elusive, when all along it resides deep ‘within.’

“After all it is those who have a deep and real inner life who are better able to deal with the irritating details of the outer life.”

Evelyn Underhill

Does success mean happiness is really an illusion of sorts? If we adopt the mindset of thinking that our achievements and material purchases are a measure of our success in life, we often find that it does not lead to a sense of fulfillment. In other words, many who have created enormous external material wealth, sadly turn to illegal (drugs) or other dangerous activities in their search for internal happiness. Therefore, does success mean happiness? Short answer – not necessarily!

Happiness and fulfillment can only come from mastering our mindset and connecting with out soul. It does not come from external objects of attainments.

“All that you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All that you have to do is to be still and take time to seek for what is within and you will surely find it.”

Eileen Caddy

Therefore, be aware that happiness does NOT come from possessions or worldly achievements. Above all, happiness is feeling good about yourself first and foremost. It’s about your beliefs, your core values, and what you say and do – day by day. It’s about having loving, caring, relationships; being compassionate, and most of all, self-acceptance – being and liking you! Your authentic self. In other words, happiness and personal satisfaction with life come from living a meaningful and worthwhile life. Does success mean happiness? Authentic success is not just about money in the bank. It is about knowing your soul and having a contented heart and peace of mind. In other words, it is about being grateful for all that you have and living daily with a heart overflowing with love for all!

“The greatest wealth in life is health and wisdom.


How To Have A Meaningful Life

‘Spiritual wisdom’ and good character are additional components of wealth, NOT materialism. In other words, it is having purpose and meaning in your life, not socially programmed materialism, that leads to happiness, inner peace, and contentment. After all, when we have a purpose in life, e.g., coaching on the benefits of daily gratitude journal writing – that is when we are at our happiest. But, above all, you are then serving with conviction and living with intention. In addition, when you do that – daily, life has meaning and manifests a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Material comforts are a part of what we desire from life, and that is completely fine. However, this ‘socially conditioned’ mindset that we have to achieve financial and material success to be happy is a mistake!

Continue To Ask WHY?

Does success mean happiness? Why do I do what I do – daily? This is the question that you must all continually ask yourself. In other words, you must keep digging, keep asking yourself why you do what you do? For instance, if it is to simply acquire material success, or worse, to prove to others that you are successful? What is it that keeps you doing that? Answer: your ego!

When you keep asking yourself this question, the outcome is that you are awakening your ‘spiritual makeup.’ You are communicating with your soul and with your Higher Power. Therefore, by this practice, you will subtly begin nurturing your soul for it to expand and grow deeply, just as you do with a plant in your garden. In other words, you must become aware that your soul requires nurturing and attention, just as your body and mind do.

Body, Mind, Soul

Know that we are individually made up of these three essential elements: the body, the mind, and the spirit or soul. In addition, you must be aware and accept that these three elements MUST work in balance to have a fulfilling and worthwhile life. Therefore, if you build a strong and healthy mind and body, you must also devote time – daily, to nurturing your spiritual make up – your soul. In other words, to experience happiness, inner peace, and contentment in your daily living, these three elements MUST continuously work in balance. After all, most happily spend time working our body and mind, but little or no time working on our spiritual makeup – on our soul. Does success mean happiness?

You and only you are in charge of your life. In other words, your life is your responsibility, no one else. You are at the steering wheel of the vehicle that drives your life – your mind! In addition, what this means is that no one can do this soul work, this ‘inner work’ for you. It is solely your responsibility to keep your body, mind, and spirit working in balance. Others can supply you with the tools or the roadmap, but only you can do the work! (the tools & roadmap)


Simply having the ‘intention’ to develop a daily habit to effect change in your life is not enough. In addition to that intention, you MUST take action! In other words, having the right intention may make you feel good at that moment. But without acting on that intention, nothing will change! In other words, life is always more enjoyable when we define ourselves by our intentions, followed then by action to make those intentions reality.

Above all, you sustain a sense of purpose and meaning that is not dependent upon what you ultimately accomplish when you live – intentionally. For instance, if you intend to help people, as my intention is with this blog and with my online course for – A Better Way to Live(A-Better-Way-to-Live/), it means you ‘intentionally value’ – being of service! And living my intention means having it permeate my behavior – daily! In addition, watch what happens when you make your intentions – spiritual – you change internally, deep in your mindset. In other words, if the changes you make are internal – in your thinking – you’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll be a better person.


“The wise control and shape their minds and their thoughts.”


The First Step for ‘internal’ change to focus on your intentions is to – make daily gratitude journal writing a habit in your EVERYDAY living!

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