The benefits of GOOD daily habits cannot be underestimated.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

C.G. Jung

After all, we are not simply a name that most of us were given at birth! Therefore, we must be aware that we are much more than simply a name!. In other words, we need to be aware on a ‘deep inner level’ that we are who we choose to be, based on how we think, speak and act – daily! So, to put it bluntly – we are creatures of what we habitually do! Hence, the benefits of good daily habits!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

F.Matthais Alexander

The benefits of good daily habits could not be described any better than how it is written these two powerful quotes above. For instance, I believe, in fact, I know, the best habit that anyone can develop is writing in a gratitude journal – daily! This simple routine, when practiced daily, subtly changes your life. Why? Because whilst you are writing, you are focusing your mindset, your thinking, on what you have in your life right now, and not on what you don’t have. In addition, you are not focusing on what someone else has and that you want, which is what ‘suffering and struggle’ are all about.

First Good Habit – Gratitude Journal Writing

“When you feel whole and grateful for who you are and what you have at any given moment in your life, that’s when miracles happen.”

Waleuskalazo Lazo

The two most unused muscles we all have and most fail to work on – are our mindset and heart. After all, as we live most of our life from the ‘inside,’ what we are thinking, then we must make sure that it is a good place to be. In addition, be aware that when gratitude becomes your ‘default’ setting – life changes! When we are aware of this at a deep inner level, then we start to recognize the benefits of good daily habits at our ‘spiritual level.’

Starting my day with a mindset of gratitude for who I am and what I have is the most important thing that I have ever done in transforming my life. The benefits of good daily habits awakened me to a whole new world of grace. But, above all, I became aware that the best way to live daily is to constantly be in touch with your heart and view the world from a place of deep gratitude for all. Tips-for-gratitude-journaling/

Habits develop changes in Behaviour

The benefit of good daily habits is that they subtly change your behavior. In addition, when you are aware of the benefits of daily gratitude writing, you are quickly enlightened. You understand, for example, that if you are angry, or sad, or anxious, etc., it is the direct result of shifting your focus from being grateful to focus on ‘lack.’ Above all, when we focus on on being grateful, we awaken to how blessed we are. For instance, blessed maybe to live where we live – free from bombings and associated terror. But when we focus on lack, our life feels lacking. In other words, it is purely a matter of focus. And what you focus on you manifest!

Personal and Spiritual Growth

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but it is the parent of all others.”

Marcus T. Cicero

When you are aware of the benefits of good daily habits, personal and spiritual growth are inevitable. After all, I like to think of writing daily in a gratitude journal as taking a ‘vitamin pill’ for my soul. Gratitude-a vitamin-for-the-soul/ And, I recently read someone describing gratitude as the world’s most powerful drug! Therefore, simply thinking of gratitude as a vitamin pill or a drug, be aware that it is available to all of us, AND, more importantly, it’s FREE! Similarly, be aware that a subtle shift in your perspective from focusing on lack to focusing on daily gratitude is all about the benefits of good daily habits.

When we think of personal growth, we think of authentic success. And a part of authentic success is knowing your soul. Above all, though, authentic success is valuing the inner (the spiritual) and the outer. Similarly, it is about being grateful and living daily with a heart overflowing with love for all. And the more gratitude you feel, the more aware that you are that the supply is endless!

“Live in accordance with your outside world and you’ll soon find misery. Live in accordance with your inner world and you’ll soon find happiness.”

Steven Bartlett

Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Therefore, the first thing I do – daily, as soon as I know that I am awake is to whisper, thank you to my Higher Power for the ‘gift’ of life itself. In other words, I am not simply taking life for granted each day! By adopting an attitude of gratitude as a habit, a daily habit, you awaken to the benefits of good daily habits! After all, as life is a ‘gift,’ not a given, why would we not take a moment each morning to say thank you before rising from our bed? Similarly, think of gratitude as a fertilizer being applied to the tree of your life. The more you pour the fertilizer on – being grateful – the more it stimulates your growth and health!

In other words, whenever you are in the midst of a problem, turn your focus to being grateful for something, regardless of how small it might be. For instance, in this situation, I often focus on being free, being healthy, on my relationships, where I live, etc. But the power of gratitude can easily be overlooked with the complexities of modern daily life. And that is why being aware of the benefits of good daily habits is important for leading a happy and worthwhile life.

“The real gift of writing daily in a Gratitude Journal is the more that you write about what you are grateful for, the more present you become!”


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