A Better Way To Live

 Better Way to Live is an online Program consisting of 8 Modules designed to show the participant firstly, why it is vital to develop and adopt good daily habits and rules for their life, and secondly to provide them with simple, proven examples to transition them to A Better Way to Live – and it all starts with their Mindset.

Gerry provides you with simple, easy habits and rules that he adopted into his own life some ten plus years ago, and which are a great starting point for anyone who desires happiness, inner peace and contentment – each and every day, regardless of their status or levels of success in life.

As the participant works their way through the ‘secret system’ of 8 Modules and follows the Steps outlined, their mindset will subtly’ ‘shift’ as they become aware of the benefits of following Gerry’s powerful daily habits and rules for life. They realize, possibly for the very first time: that by changing their mindset – they change their life!


  • The first Module has us: Focusing on the Mindset – because this is where any change MUST start – in how and what we think….
  • In the second module we focus on our Personal Environment and Belief Systems – who we hang-out with, and what our core values & beliefs are.
  • The third Module is about Gratitude, and the power of daily gratitude journaling.
  • In the fourth Module we learn about the Lack of Awareness in our life
  • In the fifth Module one learns the importance of Letting Go the Past, while in
  • the sixth Module, possibly the most important module of all, you learn of the Power of Words – this module turbo-charges change in your life!
  • In the seventh Module we establish Rules for Life – for without rules we lose direction
  • And in the final Module we learn of the requirement to strive to Live Above the Line and the importance of Taking Time Out.

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