Everyone wants to be happy!

We have been conditioned from a young age to believe that the more material wealth that we can amass, then the happier we will be.

We subsequently develop a mindset that has us believe that the more we acquire – the happier we will be! Not necessarily true.

The Buddha once wrote that: “The Greatest Wealth in Life is Health and Wisdom”This wisdom/awareness comes from looking ‘within one’s Self and learning that money and material wealth alone do not manifest lasting happiness. It is vital that we also develop a strong and meaning ‘inner life’.

Eileen Caddy once wrote: “All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All that you have to do is to be still and take the time to seek for what is ‘within’, and you will surely find it”


LOOK WITHIN is all about showing you How to daily be Happy and have Peace of Mind. 

We have to be prepared to:

(a) let go of the past

(b) move out of our comfort zone and that mindset of instant gratification, and

(c) accept that our greatest weakness in life thus far, may well be our lack of awareness – spiritual awareness in particular!

So, lets get started and create those empowering good daily habits to manifest lasting happiness, inner peace, and contentment in your every day living.

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About Us

Look Within Learning is a site focused on showing people what they need to do DAILY in order to manifest lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment in their everyday living.

There is a special emphasis on creating ‘good daily habits’ to raise one’s levels of awareness and to live in the present, and not to focus on the past or on the future – which is promised to no-one .

A Better Way to Live

A Better Way to Live is an online Program consisting of 8 Modules designed to show the participant firstly, why it is vital to develop and adopt ‘good daily habits’ and rules for their life, and secondly to provide them with simple, proven examples to transition them to A Better Way to Live – and it all starts with their Mindset.

Gerry provides you with simple, easy habits and rules that he adopted into his own life some ten plus years ago, and which are a great starting point for anyone who desires happiness, inner peace and contentment – each and every day, regardless of their status or levels of success in life.


At lookwithinlearning.com we know that to change one’s life it MUST start with changing one’s mindset or how and what they think!       

 As the Buddha once advised us many years ago that The Greatest Enemy in our Life is our lack of Awareness. This Program reveals the Steps required to shift this lack of awareness from simply existing in our comfort zone, by raising our awareness as to what is really important for living a happy, worthwhile and contented life – every day, not just some days!

Happy Clients

“Gerry is passionate about his simple message for us to harness the determination and courage required to understand and accept the ways that our limiting self-beliefs and conditioning continuously hinders our experience of lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment. In generously sharing his own practices and daily habits in this book, Gerry encourages the reader to embrace and to develop their own daily practice, and hence to subsequently move towards living a more authentic, joyful & contented life, and to be guided by the ‘whispers of their own heart”

Ms. Moira Leonard – Adelaide, South Australia

“Gerry, your book is different from many of the books that I have read on this subject of how to live a good & joyful life. Yours is a book full of simple easy-to-follow advice on how to have a more peaceful, happy and contented life. After reading your excellent book I am now far more aware of how easy that really is.”

Mr. B. Lowe – Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Sign Up for Wisdom Quotes

3 times per week we email '1-minute quotes' from the Wisdom Soapbox

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