What is Mindset?

Everything – every thought, every action – starts ‘within’ your mindset. Your mindset is what you Think. What are your beliefs? What are your values? Your mindset is your perception of life. Your perception of the world. What you think is important. Your preferences, your likes, and dislikes. EVERYTHING is a product of your mindset! You must quieten the ‘thinking’ mind in order to have clarity of mindset. To live freely, you must acquire an unencumbered mindset!

Short periods of meditation are required to quieten your mindset. Stillness and Silence are all you need for meditation. This is vital in order to quieten your ego and busy thinking – mindset. By cultivating a simplified mindset, your body too will naturally become healthier. Your attitude must be to know that all wisdom comes to those who move slowly. You cannot rush when seeking wisdom. A quiet and focused mindset is required. Good daily habits are essential to understand the benefits of having a positive mindset. A positive mindset is key – for daily happiness, inner peace, and contentment!

‘All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone’

(Blaise Pascal 1654)

‘Inner Work’ is Mindset Work

Focusing on Mindset – is inner work in action!. It is about being totally open and brutally honest with your Self – first and foremost. Think of it like standing in front of a mirror. The one looking back at you is the REAL you. ‘Inner work’ is about making a fearless inventory of your Self. What are your beliefs.? What are your values? Who and what is the REAL you? An open and honest assessment of your inner Self in this way can be a cathartic moment in your life! A ‘light-bulb’ moment of self-discovery!

Mindset Computer

Think of your mind as a computer. Your very own super-computer. This is THE most important computer that you will ever have operating for you. Your mindset computer is THE only mindset computer you will ever have. You cannot trade it in or upgrade to a newer version! You are stuck with it. And like any computer, it requires regular care and maintenance. Regularly spending time sitting still in total silence – is THE method for cleansing and repairing your mindset-computer! You must find time to honor your life by regularly practicing being still & silent! It must become a daily habit!

Today, operating in this modern technology-driven world, we are starved of opportunities to enjoy periods of stillness and silence. In order to thrive, rather than just survive in this ‘social media-driven’ world, periods of stillness and silence are vital! If Blaise Pascal was right back in 1654 saying it was a problem for humanity back then, what would he think in today’s fast-moving world?

Ram Dass

“The quieter you are the more that you hear”

Stillness & Silence – vital

It is only when you STOP and observe people around you that you become aware of the need for and the benefits of, STILLNESS & SILENCE. Having quiet time regularly sitting still in silence has major health benefits for all humans – they can thrive – not simply survive. The choice is ours, and ours alone. When we were very young children behaving irrationally, parents would send the child to the bedroom, or to the ‘naughty corner’. All designed to have the child spend ‘quiet time’, which was simply time spent alone, and in SILENCE!

This short period of time spent alone and in silence had the effect of ‘quieting’ the irrational mind or behavior of the child. The outcome being after 10 or 15 minutes of sitting or standing alone in total silence, the child would reappear almost a new person – calm, relaxed, rational normal! What an amazing effect such a short period of silence could have on this little human being.

Today, observing adults operating in this modern ‘rushing world’, you quickly recognize that most have no idea of the power of short, regular periods of STILLNESS and SILENCE! The health benefits, both physical and mental, of spending time daily being still and silent are enormous. How can one possibly expect to avoid the potential of stress-related diseases (physical or mental) if they do not regularly take quality time out, just as they were forced to as a child!

Many appear to be afraid of silence! They are always taking something in – be it music, radio, television, texting, social media, etc. As quiet space is vital for our happiness, why do so many fail to make space for this important ingredient in their lives?

Listening and Mindset

A very important benefit of spending time being still & silent is when you are still & silentyou have precious time to listen! Why are we all born with one mouth and two ears? Why? Because we are meant to – listen more than we talk! Hence, two ears and one mouth! Be aware that it is only when we are still & silent, functioning in this ‘listen-only’ mode that our mind can absorb or delete the information that is constantly flowing all around us.

‘Those who know do not speak.

Those who speak, do not know’.

Lao Tzu

This is possibly one of the most powerful quotes that you will ever learn if you take the time to fully understand and accept this universal truth. This will only happen after extended periods of time spent sitting alone in total silence. Ultimately, you will then observe those around you who talk a lot, they are basically ‘sleep-walking’ through life. They simply do not know!

Furthermore, if they keep talking more than listening, then they will never know! When one knows this secret of successful living, then they are not moved by attachment or aversion. Or swayed by profit or loss, nor touched by honor or disgrace. When one persistently talks – they are not living from a place of knowingSilence is your ‘inner’ evidence of KNOWING!

Regular periods of stillness & silence are vital to living an authentic, responsible, joyful, and meaningful life. Without regular time spent sitting still in silence, your life will quickly pass with you never being aware of such an empowering daily habit. The skill of learning the physical and mental benefits of having regular STILLNESS & SILENCE in your precious life is a skill worth pursuing!

Present moment – Meditation

Take a few minutes right now – in the present moment – and sit or walk for 10 minutes – longer if you can, and think/meditate on the powerful quote expressed above: ‘Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know’. It may be a life-changing 10 – 15 minutes in your life. A ‘light-bulb moment’ if you like! Make it a habit, a daily habit, to find time to PAUSE and to stop overthinking. Find time to be still and to sit quietly in total silence and empty your mind of ‘clutter thinking’ and go beyond the limits of the Ego. 

‘Self-imposed limits are the barbed wire of life’ 

(Sarah ban Breathnach)

The ego is your barbed wire.  Stop overthinking issues and allow powerful messages from your ‘inner spirit’ to resonate with you. Your capacity for enjoyment and joyful living is found deep ‘within’.

Meditation for the Mindset

Meditation simply means finding that quiet place to sit still and in silence. Sitting not necessarily in the lotus position. Simply sit in silence, preferably alone, and quietening your thoughts. Mindset is all about doing ‘inner work’ on your Self. On how and what you think, say, and do. Remember, who you are is defined by your mindset! Meditation is actually mindset training in action! Meditation is an empowering form of spiritual training that develops mental clarity and spiritual awareness. The meditator becomes all the more empowered to function wisely for the benefit of the world at large. Meditation can have significant mental, physical, and emotional health benefits. A key for improving your sense of happiness and well-being – is meditation!

Meditation Proverb

Grant yourself a moment of peace, and you will understand how foolishly you have scurried about.

Learn to be silent, and you will learn that you have talked too much.

Be kind, and you will realize that your judgment of others was too serve.

Hasten slowly, and you will soon arrive.

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