You ARE what You Think.

In addition, You ARE what You Think, Say and Do!

Above all, think of it like this: You ARE today the sum of the choices You have made!

Now such statements scare most people. Why? Because to understand and accept this Universal Truth – requires honesty and reflection on one’s Self. Deep reflection and forensic analysis of the Self – you! And yes it can be and often is, challenging and confronting! After all, to effect positive change in Your life, it is vital that you be brutally honest with yourself! In other words, if you cannot be honest with your Self, the only one you are cheating is – your Self!

LOOKING In The Mirror

You ARE what You Think is like standing in front of a mirror and honestly speaking to that person looking back at you. A sour face looking back at you comes from sour thoughts about yourself. ALL that you achieve in life is a direct result of your thoughts! Similarly, a smiling happy face looking back at you is a result of happy, joyful thoughts. Therefore, it is simple really. You ARE what You Think, and the mirror never lies! And so, Your life to this point IS the sum of the choices you have made – period! After all, YOU are responsible for YOUR life – for the choices you have made! The mirror does not lie!


It is said that you are a product of

(1) the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time, and

(2) the quality of the books that you read.

In other words, quality people read and follow the inspirational writings and THINKING of quality people! Les Brown YouTube a famous inspirational speaker espouses the virtue of O.Q.P. – Only Quality People. The benefit of only having Quality People in your life cannot be underestimated. After all, as difficult as that may be at times, you must eliminate from your daily life those who hold you back from your greatness. Because You ARE what You Think, you cannot be great if you hang out and THINK like the negative people you may have in your life – today! Therefore, you need to be aware and choose carefully who you allow in your personal environment.

Lack of Awareness

‘The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness


It is not until you are aware and accept this truth from Buddha does one begins to change their THINKING! And so, this can be life’s greatest challenge for all of us. The seed of ‘disbelief’ when nurtured and established, will manifest in the form of disconnect, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, illness, and even premature death. Our Beliefs, our Core Values, and our Personal Environment make us who we are – today – in the present! Therefore, we need to be aware that it is our belief systems – what we THINK – that automatically cause us to act in a certain way. In other words, how you THINK determines your actions in the relationships you attract, the health you experience, and the happiness you exude. It’s critical to be aware that as you think, so you are. After all, such awareness is vital for your DAILY happiness, inner peace, and contentment!

What is a Belief?

A belief is just a thought that we THINK about repeatedly. In other words, it is simply a habit of having that same thought until it has become a part of who you are – in the present moment. In addition, it is why you should adopt the following affirmation:

“From this day forward, I am totally responsible for my life. I no longer live my life based on what anyone else thinks or says about me”

After all, with such an awareness, you are now the master of your own destiny. Above all, as the Buddha implies in the above quote – awareness is key! And without this higher level of awareness or consciousness, our life is conditioned or programmed by others. In other words, we are NOT in control of how we think – others are!

What matters in YOUR life!

Now, this may surprise you. But, the ONLY thing that really matters in YOUR LIFE, is what You Say and Think of Yourselfperiod!! Much personal suffering originates from believing that you are responsible for what others may say or think of you. But, the opposite is true!

“It matters little what others say or think of me, it matters much what I say and think of myself”.

(Osacre Wilde)

When you understand, accept, and surrender to this universal truth – inner peace and contentment manifest – daily! Repeat this quote to yourself until it becomes a part of your core beliefs – part of your inner self!

You ARE Your Own Worst Enemy

“The Greatest Enemy in Life is The Self“.


The awareness of this powerful truth may be for many hard to swallow. But, the Truth often is! Therefore, you must DAILY ask yourself – are you living a life of abundance? Or are you living a life limited by the conditions imposed by your mind? Or by the thoughts imposed on you from those in your personal environment? This listening to the opinions of others continues to put ‘conditions’ on how we live. In other words, we need to turn away from these outside opinions on social media, and television. After all, it is the whispers of our hearts that we should listen to. Above all, we must be aware that this is where our authenticity hides – deep ‘within’!

Stillness and Quiet Alone Time

“The quieter you are, the more that you hear”.

Ram Dass

It is only when you create the daily habit of spending ‘quiet, alone time’ will you manifest the awareness that You ARE what You Think. After all, positive change does not come quickly or overnight. In other words, it demands ongoing effort and commitment. The awareness that you are – today – the sum of the choices you have made, is not always easy to accept. However, with persistent and determined application positive change can be accomplished for the most difficult of objectives. Stillness and Silence

In Conclusion

Time spent sitting alone in peace and quiet is when you will become aware that you are already whole, and that you need not chase after anything in order to be complete! Above all: have the courage to live a life true to yourself, and NOT the life others expected of you! After all, You ARE what You Think!

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