Think of being grateful daily as taking a vitamin hit for your soul! After all, we take vitamins for our physical body. Similarly, we should take vitamins for our souls. Therefore, be aware that – Gratitude is a ‘vitamin for the soul and should be taken – daily!

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.

“Zig Ziglar

Starting each day with a gratitude attack is for your soul, similar to consuming a vitamin for your body. Above all, the daily habit of writing in a Gratitude Journal is proof that Gratitude is a ‘vitamin’ for the soul.

Start Your Day – Gratefully

This is THE best mindset to have when you wake each morning. For instance, first and foremost, when you wake – be grateful that you have a pulse! You are alive to live another day. Therefore, when I wake every morning, even before I open my eyes. I whisper – thank you, I am grateful that I am awake again. In addition, I lay there for a few moments and am grateful that my darling wife is alive also. In other words, I begin immediately thinking of all that I have to be grateful for. And that is when I became aware that Gratitude is like a ‘vitamin’ for the soul.

“Starting my day in a state of gratitude was the simple most important thing I have ever done to transform my life.”

Waleuska Lazo)

Prayers of gratitude and appreciation are THE highest form of prayer. Everything you experience in your lifetime, good or bad, is created by you. God gave you this power.

You Attract What You Think About

We ultimately create whatever it is that we think about. Therefore, sit right now and think – Gratitude is a ‘vitamin’ for the soul. Above all, like it or not, we are active participants of the world in which we live! Therefore, if you are grateful daily for what you have in your life – today. Then you attract more of that. Why? Because that is what you are predominately thinking about. So that is what you attract! Above all, knowing this universal truth stops you from blaming others for your life circumstances.

“Nothing new will come into your life unless you are grateful for what you already have.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Did You Know –

Gratitude shields you from negativity

Gratitude makes you at least 25% happier

Gratitude rewires your brain – your thinking

Gratitude eliminates stress

Gratitude heals

Gratitude improves sleep

Gratitude boosts self-esteem & confidence

Gratitude improves relationships

Gratitude is a ‘vitamin’ for the soul

and it is much, much more!

Gratitude Manifests Change

When Gratitude becomes your default setting – life changes!

“Focusing on one thing that you are grateful for increases the energy of gratitude and raises the joy inside of yourself.”

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah wrote and published a book titled: What I Know For Sure. Excellent title – great book. I (Gerry Gleeson) KNOW for sure that – a daily ‘gratitude attack’ creates a sense of inner peace and contentment! Above all, I recommend that you also give it a try. In other words, start your day –today – writing in a Gratitude Journal. Because whilst you are writing what you are grateful for, your thinking is focused on exactly that! Start by writing: Gratitude is a ‘vitamin’ for the soul.

Why Gratitude Journal Writing?

This is THE best way to ensure that you focus on what you have in your life – today! In other words, whilst you are writing, you are focusing on the present. Therefore, if you feel, show, and express gratitude – in writing, the universe will provide you with more of the same! In addition, this daily ritual of writing in your gratitude journal will subtly transform your mindset. Hence, this daily practice is the fastest way to feel happier and at peace. Not just on some days, but EVERY DAY! The POWER of Gratitude Journaling

“Live in accordance with your outside world and you’ll soon find misery. Live in accordance with your ‘inner’ world and you’ll soon find happiness.

Steven Bartlett

Gratitude for the BIG things and the small things

You MUST develop the daily habit of being grateful for the BIG things in your life and the small things. Above all, it would help if you become aware that such a daily habit is necessary for your dailyhappiness, inner peace, and contentment. Therefore, being aware that Gratitude is a ‘vitamin’ for the soul raises this level of spiritual awareness. Furthermore, being in a perpetual state of gratitude, you take responsibility for your happiness and peace of mind. In other words, you need to be aware that everything passes. Therefore, KNOW that the good AND the bad in your life will pass! Because that is a universal law of nature – nothing stays the same forever. That’s life!

In Conclusion

Be aware: if you express gratitude daily, your hope and faith will be hard-wired into your subconscious mind. In addition, your mindset will subtly shift, and gratitude will become a part of your core beliefs. In other words, daily gratitude journal writing will be part of your authentic self! Therefore, as time goes by, you will notice life being easier – at least in your thinking. And you may be shocked when you are suddenly aware of how much we as a people take for granted – daily!

For instance, waking daily still breathing and moving freely. How many of us take this as a given – it’s just normal? But in reality, they are ‘gifts’ that we are given daily. So please, do NOT take such precious ‘gifts’ for granted. Similarly, we wake daily still able to see, speak and hear clearly. Therefore, order yourself a Gratitude Journal TODAY. Start being grateful – in writing. And above all, over time, you will smile as you begin to notice the subtle changes in your thinking, as you remember – ‘Gratitude is a ‘vitamin’ for the soul.’

“The best way to live is in having constant communication with the heart and viewing the world from a place of – gratitude.”

Waleuska Lazo

“Turn away from the world this year and begin to listen. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Look within.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach
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