My darling wife Liz, for Christmas 2013, ‘gifted’ me my first Gratitude Journal! After all, then, I don’t think I had ever heard of such a thing as – a Gratitude Journal. But since that date, I could count on one hand the number of days that I have failed to write in my Gratitude Journal. In other words, one cannot underestimate DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing. Therefore, one has to participate DAILY and physically write in that Journal to become aware of the value of this life-changing exercise!

The Subtle Change Begins

By writing in a Gratitude Journal DAILY, without consciously being aware, you will begin to change – within! Therefore, DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing manifests unexpectedly. In other words, simply by writing in this Journal, you move away from what is expected of you towards – your authentic self! Above all, you start to live your true purpose! Also, it would help if you trusted your instincts because we become what we envisage.

“I choose to live my life in the Present Moment and appreciate it for what it is – a ‘precious gift’.

“Gerry Gleeson

What are you Grateful for – Daily?

The first precious ‘gift’ that you should be grateful for daily is the fact that you are alive! In other words, you have a pulse, and you are breathing! Therefore, if you wake one morning and think that you have nothing to be grateful for – check that you have a pulse! After all, is that not THE most important thing to be grateful for – daily! Besides, regardless of your current circumstances, there will be someone somewhere in the world worse off than you are. For instance, as you take your first breath somewhere in the world, others will take their last! Therefore, Daily Gratitude Journal Writing when one is aware is a life-changing process.

The Power is in the Writing

When you are physically writing daily in your Gratitude Journal, you focus your mind on what you have and are grateful for. Therefore, the positive impacts for the writer are numerous. Firstly, you focus on what you do have in your life rather than focusing on what you don’t have! Similarly, by DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing, you focus only on what you have to be grateful for. Rather than focusing on what someone else has and that you may want. And so, your mind is totally focused on the good in your life, right now – today!

After all, most focus on what they don’t have, rather than appreciate and focus on what they do have – in the present! In other words, DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing is a powerful but subtle mindset changer! Therefore, when you are aware and accept at a deep ‘inner level’ that your mind can transcend all limitations, you will enter a world where anything is possible.

My First Entry – Daily

The first entry for my DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing is as follows:

I AM Grateful that we ALL woke again today still able to Breath & Move freely, still able to See, Speak & Hear clearly, Touch & FeelTHANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

THAT is the first entry that I write in my Gratitude Journal EVER day! After all, to breathe and move freely, to see, speak and hear clearly, and touch and feel are what most simply take for granted every day! Besides, most wake up and go through a similar routine each morning – rising, getting ready, and going off to work. Above all, there is no conscious thought about sitting and writing anything about what they are grateful for. Until my wife, Liz, gave me that Gratitude Journal in December 2013, I was one of them! Also, I always write that ‘we ALL woke again…..’ at the start. After all, it is at that exact moment as I write those words that I visualize all of these individuals (family & friends) being able to breathe and move freely, etc.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

You may not be aware, but these two words, Thank You, are the two most unused words! For instance, the ‘gift’ of waking each day, most of us rarely, if ever, pause to whisper Thank You. Daily Gratitude Journal Writing is THE simplest and easiest way to commence the routine for creating this daily habit! Similarly, I was unaware until Christmas 2013, as I had never written in a Gratitude Journal. However, today, even before I open my eyes, I whisper to myself these two empowering words – Thank You. Also, I have created the daily habit of finding the time to sit each morning and quietly reflect. Furthermore, you will notice above the first entry I make EVERY day, followed by writing Thank You three times!

I choose to live my life in the present moment and appreciate each day for what it is – a precious gift.”

(Author Unknown)

In Conclusion

Begin today observing your behavior patterns. In other words, reflect on how grateful you are for being alive and healthy. Also, you may have never really considered how grateful you are for living in a country free from regular bombings? I have a laminated picture in my home office that I look at every day. It is a picture of a war-torn street in Syria. Hundreds of people fleeing with nothing, buildings all around destroyed.

Therefore, I immediately reflect on how blessed I am to live where I do! Above all, I am free from such devastation. Besides, looking at that picture enables me to put life in perspective. The more I am grateful for what I have in my life – e.g., freedoms – the more I am aware. In other words, this awareness to DAILY be grateful is wisdom in action! After all, as the great Buddha once said – “The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness.”

Be aware that you are always free to ‘let go’ to observe your life. After all, DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing is the bedrock for developing such wisdom. Also, KNOW that at each moment, you are free to decide! In other words, your life today is – the sum of the choices you have made! Therefore, I recommend you choose to create a good daily habit. The habit of DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing!

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