Be aware of the power of words and how you use them because the words you use make you who you are! After all, think about how many words you would speak or write in a day. In other words, we must understand and accept that – the wise among us THINK before they speak. Therefore, it’s very important that you think about the words that you use. For instance, many of our well know spiritual teachers/mentors use few words, but make powerful statements. For example;

“The Greatest Weakness in Life is a Lack of Awareness”.


Now when you take time to meditate/absorb/reconcile those few powerful words from the Buddha, you are suddenly aware of the power of words! In other words, a simple, short sentence like that above, when understood on a deep inner level, is life-changing! Because when you come to accept this statement as truth, you immediately desire greater awareness. And awareness is simply another word for wisdom. Therefore, you need to be aware of the power of words! Furthermore, awareness is seeking greater wisdom, and wisdom is all that you should seek in life!

Fewer words can have a greater impact

“The Greatest Enemy in Life is the Self”


Similarly, this short statement of few words is extremely powerful. After all, what it is saying is that YOU are, or can be, your own worst enemy! In other words, it is true of all of us. We can be and often are – our own worst enemy! Therefore, the awareness and acceptance of the power of these words – is wisdom in action. After all, it requires real courage to accept that you may at times be your own worst enemy.

Awareness of the Power of Words

“The Greatest Wealth in Life is Health and Wisdom”


What greater asset can you have in life but your Health and Wisdom. Because as I stated above, all that you should seek from life is to be wise. Do not seek to be famous – that is ego in control. Do not seek to be materially wealthy – that is ego in control. In other words, simply seek to be healthy and wise. Above all, be aware that the greatest wealth in your life is your health – and WISDOM!

Power in Just 2 Words

And those 2 words are: THANK YOU. After all, it is these 2 words that are easily spoken and can have such a positive impact on another human being. Therefore, to whisper these 2 powerful words; Thank You, as soon as you wake each day is empowering. You are saying Thank You to your God or Higher Power for the fact that you have awakened to another day of life. Because as you take your first breath for that new day, somewhere throughout the world others are taking their last! Therefore, be aware of the power of words. And be grateful! DAILY GRATITUDE = Happiness,Inner Peace & Contentment.

Words Can Heal or Hurt

The words we speak or write have the power to heal or to hurt. So you must be aware that words have that amazing power. Above all, focus on using your speech or writings – to heal, uplift, and change others for the better. In other words, use the ‘words’ that you speak and that you write to help another, rather than to tear down or belittle another. How much energy is given in society today to judge, condemn, and denigrate each other? Be aware of the negative power your words may have if you engage in gossip. Because gossip is poison for your soul!

Furthermore, be aware that the role of a wise person is to inspire others by what they say and do. For instance, the words that the Buddha (a very wise man) used above in each of those quotes, are words to inspire, to uplift. They are not words to belittle or tear down! Therefore, making a conscious decision to maybe change or tone down your verbal patterns, will benefit everyone!

The Power of Words in Prayers

Groups of words constructed into groups of sentences – that is all that Prayers are! After all, they are simply powerful words making up sentences added together to form a means of asking your God/Spirit/Source/?? for your inner power to be turned on! And so, when you utter these powerful words with passion and belief you are turning on your spiritual or ‘inner’ light. In other words, your soul is becoming know to you! Therefore, you need to be aware of the amazing ‘inner power’ that the words we choose to use have to uplift. In other words, when you choose to participate in prayer with conviction and energy, magic will happen in your life.

For instance, let me share a few words from a prayer that I recite every morning to start my day with “an attitude of gratitude” It is the power of the words that inspire me. This prayer starts like this: “Dear God, Thank You for this new day, its beauty and its light. Thank You for my chance to begin again………..” Therefore, I am immediately uplifted, inspired, grateful, because I have been given the chance to start again! In other words, DO NOT take life for granted – it is a gift given to you each and every day! And so, for that reason, I carry a medallion in my pocket everywhere I go each day, with the following inscription: “You could leave life right now”.


“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”

Bronnie Ware

Be aware of the power of words in the above quote from Bronnie Ware, a wonderful Australian author. Because each of us needs to think deeply about the power of those words! After all, having the courage to lead your life being true to yourself is what life is all about. In addition to being happy, content, and experiencing inner peace, you are living in accordance with your authenticity, doing what you love. In other words, have the courage to not follow the trends – simply be who you want to be!

“You were born unique. Don’t die a copy”.

Les Brown

In conclusion, it does require courage to THINK – the key here to THINK deeply and meditate – on the power that simple quotes (WORDS) like those in this blog piece can have in your life. Therefore, I hope that the words I have written here inspire you to simply: be aware of the power of words – that YOU use!

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