The secret to daily happiness is simple but long forgotten. And it starts with – a daily dose of gratitude! Because if you are always grateful for something, no matter how small, you can never be negative! Try it. If you smile because you instantaneously think of something to be grateful for – then you cannot be negative at that very same moment in time! When you wake tomorrow, focus on your very first two or three breaths. Be grateful for them. Because at that very same moment in time, literally, thousands of human beings somewhere in the World are taking their last!

And so, do that every morning for a week or two and you will notice a ‘subtle shift’ in your mindset. Besides that small action – you need do nothing more to notice a difference in your mindset. It may only be a very small ‘shift’, but it will take you one STEP closer to discovering the secret to daily happiness

“Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.”

What is Happiness?

Happiness is NOT a possession! Because many try to buy happiness, history has shown us that you can purchase ‘fake happiness’ if you like – true happiness cannot be bought. Therefore, we come to the awareness that true happiness – lasting happiness – is a quality of thought – a state of mind. And so, it is clear that happiness is a living emotion! Most importantly, you come to the awareness that happiness can only come from ‘within’. From within your thought processes!

Want to be Happy?

Then start each of your days, as stated above – with a gratitude attack! Gratitude for the opportunity to sleep in a bed. Therefore, you get to wake up each day still able to move and breathe freely. Is that not worth a few moments to be still and to express gratitude? And you can see, speak and hear clearly – are they not also ‘gifts’ to be grateful for? More importantly, when you are aware of the benefits of such daily gratitude – you are discovering the secret to daily happiness! And so, you are not simply taking these wonderful ‘gifts’ for granted! This is why so many cannot maintain a happy disposition every day – they simply take so much of the good in their life for granted. Most importantly, they regrade them as a ‘given’ rather than as a ‘gift! And so, they do not consciously think about such ‘gifts’.

Happiness IS an Inside job

Life has taught me that if you pay attention to the things for which you are grateful, you soon forget about the things you think are missing in your life.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that any human being can alter their life by altering their attitude”.

(William James 1842-1910 Philosopher)

And so, the benefit of that gratitude attack – an inside job! Lasting happiness, inner peace, and contentment can come from within one’s self! Universal Fact of Life: 101. Because even though you may have enormous material wealth, it does not guarantee happiness, inner peace, and contentment. And so, rehabilitation and wellness clinics are full of materially wealthy people searching for the answer to daily happiness, inner peace, and contentment. Besides that, they are simply not aware that it resides deep ‘within’ themselves.

“All that you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All that you have to do is to be still and take time to seek what is within and you will surely find it”.

Happiness is NOT an Outside job

It is clear that what is ‘outside’ of you does not guarantee ‘daily happiness’. As I said earlier, accumulating material wealth, whilst it may be encouraged – be aware – it does NOT guarantee happiness! And so, when you are aware of this universal fact, you have subtly had a positive mindset shift. Being attached to any person, place, thing, or feeling, is what causes suffering! Therefore, when you ‘detach’ from this need to ‘own’ things or depend on certain people, or that you need to live in a certain place, this inner suffering or struggle – ceases! And so, we revert back to that first step towards discovering the secret to daily happinessdaily gratitude journal writing! Because of the daily habit of gratitude writing, you begin to grow and expand! Most importantly though, through no other effort, your levels of awareness or wisdom subtly increase!


One must learn that to discover the secret to daily happiness certain STEPS must be followed. And so, these STEPS must become daily habits!

“Motivation is what gets you started. It’s habits that create change and success”.

Jim Rohan

You must take stock of your life and let daily gratitude journal writing begin its transformative work. Because we are focusing on and appreciating what we have now. In the present – which is all that we have! Our thinking is focused and back to the basics. And so, we become aware of what is essential to discover the secret to daily happiness!


STEP: You must find that stillness and quiet alone time each day. And so, to do that you must create a sacred space to sit and ‘look within’ your Self. (Refer to the Eileen Caddy quote above). Because STILLNESS IS THE KEY -(Ryan Holiday – book). In order to move forward in a positive way in life – stillness is key!

STEP: write daily 5 things that you are grateful for in a Gratitude Journal. More importantly, be aware that this STEP is non-negotiable, if you desire the secret to daily happiness.

STEP: you must learn to let go of the past. Because this may sound like a simple, easy STEP, many tend to allow little time to understand what a deep and empowering action this really is. Because to understand it, and to be aware of the ‘inner power’ such a daily habit creates, requires time!

There are more STEPS, but we will leave that to another blog. Therefore you need to re-read this blog and more on this website, particularly in the SERVICES section. Most importantly you should register at the bottom of the HOME page to receive the ‘1-minute wisdom quote’ emails three times each and every week! Invaluable information from some of our most wise mentors freely sent to you!

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