Why we need to be AWARE? The following quote explains the Why?? in less than ten words!

“The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness.”


When I first became aware of the above quote, I reflected on those words for days, weeks, months, and to this day, I still do. And the more that you now begin to observe and listen to people around you, you too will become aware and accept this universal truth! After all, it is only when one develops the daily habit of finding space to sit still and sit in silence that our levels of awareness increase!

Being Still and Silent

The two most unused muscles that we humans have, and fail to work at, are our minds and hearts. Therefore, ask yourself right now if you are aware of the above universal truth? In addition, ask yourself if you are aware of the power of developing and adopting good daily habits?

“People don’t decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

F. Matthais Alexander

When you find the space, and time, to be still and silent for periods – daily, you will understand why we need to be AWARE. Similarly, you will understand that the key to happiness in your everyday living is being aware that you have the power at any moment to choose what to accept and what to ‘let go of.’ In other words, awareness is the First Step along the path of transformation and change.

Daily Gratitude is the Key

Learning to be grateful –daily is another key reason Why we need to be Aware. In other words, if you are never to be made aware of the power of daily gratitude journaling, wisdom will always allude to you! Above all, be aware that deep at the center of your being, there is an infinite ‘well of gratitude,’ at this your soul level. Therefore, the more gratitude you feel and express – daily and in writing, the more awareness you feel that the supply is endless! Gratitude is the expression of the ‘inner joy’ you feel for life.

Gratitude is Why we need to be Aware that all of your past experiences were simply a part of your soul’s growth, your spiritual muscle-building! Therefore, this is Why we need to be Aware. Aware that not only do we need to build physical and mental muscle, we also need to build spiritual muscle! In other words, as the Buddha stated above – ‘The greatest weakness in our life can be this lack of awareness!’ daily-gratitude journal writing/

Gratitude Journal Writing

The inner benefits of – daily writing in a Gratitude Journal are another reason for Why we need to be Aware! Because by focusing your mindset on gratitude, it is like nurturing a plant in your garden! After all, as we all know, a plant grows stronger with continuous nurturing. And so, by writing in a Gratitude Journal what you are grateful for in your life – today, and every day, you are nurturing that ‘spiritual muscle’ that I mentioned above. So, again, this is Why we need to be Aware. And the result is that as your spiritual muscle develops and gets stronger, the more grateful you are – daily! In addition, if you write in your Gratitude Journal five things that you are grateful for 30 consecutive days, you will subtly feel your ‘spiritual muscle’ developing and growing stronger –daily! LIVING WITH GRATITUDE

Letting Go The Past

Another reason Why we need to be Aware – is that the past is gone! After all, there is nothing – nothing – that we can change from the past. For instance, you cannot unread what you have just read! In addition, Why we need to be Aware is that our life to this point is like a book. The pages to this point in time are set. So, what we become aware of on a deep inner level, at our spiritual level, is that we learn from our past, and then we let it go. Above all, be aware that your life to this point in time is the sum total of the ‘choices’ you have made!

And this is Why we need to be Aware that it is pointless to blame someone else or some circumstances for our present situation. Because ultimately, we have freely made choices. It is our life, our responsibility, and Why we need to be Aware of exactly that!

Awareness and Wisdom

Ask someone what they want from life, and the standard answer is – I want to be happy. Therefore, how can one be happy if they are not aware of what is required to be happy? This is Why we need to be Aware that learning to live in the present moment and not in the past or the future is a vital part of creating that sense of happiness. After all, happiness is a ‘mindest’ matter, and one needs to be aware of that!

This is Why we need to be Aware that when gratitude becomes a way of daily life, success, happiness, and health become the norm. For instance, whenever we feel anxious, depressed, angry, or sad, then we have lost our sense of gratitude. Above all, as soon as you feel gratitude for something, no matter how small, everything changes. Therefore, if you are struggling to think of something to be grateful for in a moment of despair, a trick I use is – check if you have a pulse!! And you may well laugh at that, but if you are breathing, you are alive, which is Why we need to be Aware. The ‘gift’ of life itself is not a given but rather a ‘gift’- given to you each day. Therefore, please DO NOT take it for granted!

In Conclusion

“I am grateful for Life now and forever more.”

Louise Hay

Why we need to be Awaredaily is because EVERYTHING in life is a ‘gift,’ not a given! And above all, we need to be aware that what happens in our lives, the good and the not so good, are ALL life lessons! After all, THAT is Why we need to be Aware, even though it is still humanity’s greatest weakness.

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