Individually we have the power to choose how and what we Think, Say, and Do – moment by moment. Therefore, our minds have the ability to make our lives a living hell, if we make bad choices. Too many people are sleep-walking through life. In other words, they are simply going through the motions – operating on auto-pilot. In other words, they blindly follow poor ‘thought routines’, or simply do what others expect of them. And so, problems occur because they are not fully awake/aware, or engaged with the daily events in their lives. You have the power to choose to daily be aware and alert to life’s many possibilities.

Conscious and Subconscious Choices

We always have two choices before us. Our choices are either conscious or subconscious choices. An example of a conscious choice would be when you decide you are going to go for a walk on a beach. We have the power to choose to walk on the beach or to not walk on the beach. Therefore, if you choose to take that walk you make arrangements and take the walk. That was a conscious choice that you made! An example of a subconscious choice would be that of breathing. You do not consciously think about breathing, you are simply doing it automatically, or sub-consciously. Similarly though, if you made a conscious decision to not breathe, then there would be dire consequences within a short time! In other words, they are still both choices that you can freely make – either to breathe or not to breathe!

How Do You Become Wise?

The answer to how does one become wise is: by making good choices! Similarly, one may ask; how do you make good choices? And the answer: from life experiences. In conclusion, one would then ask; how do you get life experiences? And the answer: by making bad choices! Above all, we need to practice regular, routine self-reflection. In other words, we need to ‘look within’ ourselves. Your life, right now, is the sum of the choices YOU have made! No blame. No shame. Simply be aware and accept this reality, then move on!

Therefore, imagine you are standing in front of a mirror looking at yourself. Above all, this is the moment when you must be 100% honest, and critical in your assessment of your thoughts, words, and your behavior. Openness and honesty are critical for our spiritual and emotional growth and development. Therefore, one must be aware that any transformation or change in their life must begin from ‘within’. In addition, KNOW that lasting happiness, inner peace, and contentment – can only come from within!

“No enemy can harm one so much as one’s own thoughts and cravings. Thoughts of hate, thoughts of jealousy, and so on”.

Buddha Buddha Quotes

The Power to Choose is Your Responsibility

We all have a responsibility to be aware and to control our own minds. After all, when the mind is focused, we have the power to choose to do what is right at all times. We all need to take time daily, to quiet our minds and to focus on healthy, wholesome thoughts. In other words, we need to tone down the tendency to view and speak critically about others. In addition, the more one judges, the less one loves. Affirm the following quote:

“I know that in each moment I am free to decide”.


Living in Western democracies, in particular, it is a fact that we have the power to choosemoment by moment! This is a sacred right in such countries. In other words, we have this constant ability, this power, to choose who or what to accept, and who or what to let go. Therefore, from this day forward accept that YOU are totally responsible for your life. You need not live a life based on what anyone else says or thinks of you! Above all, if you accept this on a deep ‘inner level’, on a spiritual level, you are free! In addition, when you accept and believe what you have just read – you are empowered! THIS is real personal power!

The Power to Choose Your Personal Environment

In this context, ‘environment’ means those with whom you associate for most of your time. It is said, after all, that we are the average of the five people with whom we choose to spend most of our time. And so, it is this personal environment that creates our belief system! We have the power to choose who we spend our time with! In our early years, our childhood years, those with whom we spent most of our time were our parents and our siblings. Therefore, this was our ‘personal environment’ at that time, and they were the main influencers in our evolving belief system.

We Choose Our Key Influencer’s

“It matters little what others say or think of me, it matters much what I say and think of myself”.

Oscar Wilde

When we reach a stage in life where we are aware of the influence of those with whom we associate – we are becoming wise! We have the power to choose who those people are! After all, much personal suffering comes from believing that YOU are responsible for what other people think of you. Wisdom is knowing that this is not true! In other words, the only thing that really matters in YOUR life is – what you think of yourself! In conclusion, I believe that this quote above from Oscar Wilde, IS I believe, one of THE most empowering quotes that you could incorporate into YOUR precious life!

The Power to Choose the Words You Use

Begin to be more aware of the ‘words’ you use when you communicate. In other words, learn to only use words that will empower you. Words that will assist you to realize your true potential. After all, what you focus on you attract. For instance, if you tell yourself that you can’t do a certain thing. Then guess what – you can’t! If you continually worry about something in your life and you keep talking about it, then guess what? It is almost certain that you will experience it! Therefore, constantly being aware of the words that cross your mind develops your path and creates your belief system. Remember, once you open your mouth you tell the world who you are. So, be aware that you have the power to choose the power to choose the words that you use! Power of Words


In conclusion, you should try to affirm this quote as stated above, as often as you can throughout your days ahead. AFFIRM- I Know that at each Moment I am Free to Decide. In other words, you have the power to choose who you are and what you believe! In most Western countries at least, we have this wonderful ‘gift of choice‘. Therefore, this freedom to choose, moment by moment, determines your happiness and general welfare. Your life will be bigger and more fulfilling when you stop worrying about what others think or say of you. Simply be who you choose to be – choose to be your authentic self! Start living a life of being true to yourself in the present – today! Learn and live this lesson. The lesson that we have the power to choose. So choose wisely! REMEMBER:


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