We need to be aware of the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual in our everyday lives! Humanity needs to accept and adopt the power of ‘spiritual principles’ as an antidote to the pain in our lives. In other words, we have to give up our enslavement to the dictates of this insane Western materialism. We have been and still are, controlled or programmed by big businesses, institutions, marketing slogans, social media, and much more. After all, it is clear to any free THINKING person that our emotional and spiritual development has not kept pace with our material development. We can send a man to mars and other places, but we can’t keep peace in our families or neighborhoods.

The Power Of Good

As we learn the power of prayer and meditation, we attune our hearts and minds to God/Spirit/Source/Higher Power/? and we become channels for the power of good. This is the result and the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual. Similarly, we must each individually be aware of the power of daily gratitude journaling! DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNALING Above all, humanity can positively influence the world with this combined power of minds. Traditional religious institutions do not own the Truth – the Truth cannot be owned! Spirituality is an ‘inner fire, a fire that feeds our souls. Religion is a process much used by many to check in with God. However, one needs to be aware that they need not necessarily practice a particular religion to be daily connecting with God. In other words, you can connect with God or the Higher Power of your own understanding and beliefs, anytime, anywhere!

The Spiritual Life is a High Engery Life

The energy is not without(outside of yourself). It comes from deep ‘within.’ The key to empowerment, self-development, self-improvement, both personal and collective, is understanding the power of words! And prayers are simply a group of words expressed in sentences. Prayers are a brilliant way of expressing gratitude – daily! Therefore, we have to be aware on this deep inner level, at a soul level, that life is not simply about the material world, i.e., all that is around you – externally. The real empowerment of each individual comes from the strength of their mind. It comes from ‘within.’ How one thinks, speaks, and acts. And the purpose of prayer is to align our mind with the thoughts and will of our God or Higher Power. Hence, the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual.

“There is nowhere you need to go to find God, for God is within you.”

Marianne Williamson

Developing a Daily Prayer Ritual

After I developed my morning ritual for prayer time, I quickly became aware of the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual. Above all, as a result, I have subsequently adopted this daily prayer ritual for many years. In other words, I have been reciting the same prayers for so long; I now say them on my daily early morning pushbike ride! No longer does one need to kneel to say prayers and connect with their God or Higher Power. For instance, your prayer ritual can be whilst you are sitting on a train traveling to your work. Riding on a bus. Flying on a plane. Sitting on a park bench, or wherever. The important thing is to try to pray in the same place and at approximately the same time. After all, it is this daily habit, the process required to develop the Power of a DAILY Pray Ritual.

Part of My Daily Prayer Ritual

This is the first line of my first daily Morning Prayer: Thank You God for this new day, its beauty, and its light. Thank You for my chance to begin again. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. After all, is it not important that we give thanks for a new day?? In other words, we have been given a ‘gift’ that many others throughout the world have been denied. The ‘gift of life – of waking up with a pulse! Therefore, we have to be aware that we must not take each new day for granted! It is a gift, not a ‘given’! Be aware that as you take your first breath for the day, someone somewhere in the world is taking their last! Similarly, we need the awareness that prayer is NOT about religion. Prayer is simply the person praying to connect with that God or Higher Power – of their own understanding and beliefs – as expressed above!

Why are so many afraid of Prayer

The fear of prayer is because many lack this awareness of the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual. I have written before in earlier blogs the power of the following quote:

“The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness.”


In other words, so many do not take the time to make themselves aware of the results of the power of prayer throughout the ages. Dr. Wayne Dyer (dec), Dr. Wayne Dyer, that brilliant spiritual writer/teacher who wrote and published some 50 books, once wrote the following: “There is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God.” Therefore, if one thinks deeply about this for a moment, together with the above Buddha quote, they will raise their level of awareness. They will wake up!

Above all, they will become aware that it is not sufficient to know about God, but one must commit to – knowing God. In other words, when one works to attain a greater awareness of knowing God, they automatically create the awareness of the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual. While they may believe in God or a Higher Power, many do not include this in their daily lives. Hence, their often avoidable life struggles continue! Prayer gives us the inner strength to endure, and it is THE tool to manifest miracles!

In Conclusion

“There is only one journey, and that journey is going within yourself.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Prayer aligns our internal energies with the truth in ways that mere external actions cannot. Above all, prayer gives inner peace in ways that nothing external can achieve. It has been said that prayer is when we talk to God or our Higher Power and meditation is when we listen. Prayer is when we ask for something to be a part of God’s Plan for us. In other words, meditation is when we quiet the mind, our ego, and free its attachment to the hysterical ravings of a world gone mad! Also, it is only when in this state of silence do we become aware of the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual. Therefore, the process is: we ask – the prayer, and then we listen – the meditation. After all, prayer and mediation go hand in hand. Prayer work is a constant and consistent conversation with Him.

Finally, be aware that lives with no sense of spiritual meaning are barren lives indeed. In other words, lasting happiness, inner peace, and contentment are not found in shopping centers, television, social media, etc. It is found within one’s self. Therefore, change your thinking, and you can and will – change your life! And it all starts with the awareness of the Power of a DAILY Prayer Ritual.

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