What do I mean when using the term ‘Letting Go of the Past’? What I am referring to is: letting go of the trail that you have left behind! This action, however, sounds easy but is not always as simple as it seems. Therefore, you need to be aware of the importance of Letting Go of the Past. The following quote defines a simple but powerful perspective on this important mindset matter.

The past is nothing more than the trail I have left behind. What drives my life today is the energy that I generate in each of my present moments”

Oscar Wilde

Letting go is – a ‘mindset matter‘. And so, it is in our mind that we must focus and create the habit of letting go of what has passed. Therefore, you must accept that what you have read on this post so far, is now in your past. You cannot unread what you have already read!

Release The Need To Control

Release your need to control life. In other words, you are letting go of your need for control in all that you do. You are allowing life to be. And so, simply by changing your thinking, you raise this awareness of the ‘inner power’ of letting go. After all, it is this tendency to ‘hold onto’ our past that causes anxiety, stress, worry, fear, etc. Therefore, it naturally follows that if you create the mental habit of letting go of the past, such emotional baggage will dissipate! In other words, living daily letting go of the past releases such fear of your past mistakes! Because carrying this emotional baggage throughout your life is what manifests various diseases, even premature death. And so, this confirms the importance of – letting go of the past!

5 minutes – 10 minutes ago…….

Whatever happened 5 minutes ago,10 minutes ago, yesterday, last week, last month, last year….it is all in your past. You cannot change one thing. Nothing! Therefore, all that you CAN do is – learn from it – then let it go! Because it is in your past! Deep down we are all aware no doubt that this is the truth, but so many of us struggle with letting this thing we call our past, go. And so, you tend to keep carrying past mistakes around like a ‘sack of rocks’ slung over your shoulder, allowing it to control your present day. After all, your present, right now – today, this moment, is all that you do have control over. And so, this again confirms the importance of – letting go of the past!

Therefore, as Oscar Wilde says in that quote above: think of your past as nothing more than the trail that you have left behind! Above all, think of your life as a book. Up until this day, the pages in the book of your life have been written. These pages(your past) cannot be altered in any way. The current blank page that you have to focus on is your present moment – today. And so, the past (the pages to now) is done! Because all that you have is this current blank page before you. In other words, focus and write how you desire your life to be – right now!

Letting Go your old ‘Movie Channel

“The World as we know it is simply a screen onto which we project our thoughts. Until we change those thoughts – the movie ‘Our World’- stays the same”.

Marianne Williamson

Your world, your mindset – your thinking – creates YOUR movie channel. Therefore, if you change your thinking – you change YOUR channel! No one can do that for you. It is your responsibility. No blaming others, no self-pity. In other words, Let go of past thinking – and you change YOUR channel!

Vital for Your Physical & Mental Well-being

Letting go of your past is vital for not just your physical health and well-being. Above all, it is critical for your mental health and well-being. Because our past carried forward is only carried forward in our mindset. And so, it is a mind-matter! it is nothing more than emotional baggage that you carry around in your thinking. In other words, whatever physically or verbally happened in your past – yesterday, last week, last month, etc – it is no longer a physical or verbal matter, it is nothing more than a mind-matter. It can exist nowhere but in your Thinking! Therefore, when you make that decision – in your thoughts/in your thinking – to let go of the past – it’s gone! You need to aware and grateful for your past – your life lessons – then let it go! Above all though, understand and accept the importance of – letting go of the past!

Life Lessons

The past consists of nothing more than your greatest life lessons. After all, you must now be aware that whatever happened in your past – happened for a reason. It happened to teach you something. In addition, when you are aware that your past is no more than an ‘educational trail’ if you like that you have left behind – such a mindset allows you freedom! For instance, such awareness frees you from the emotional task of trying to change or feel guilty about your past. Similarly, it frees your mind to focus on the present, for the present is all that any of us has. The past = lesson learned. Outcome – move on! And so, such wisdom when set deep within your mindset, deep within your soul, manifests that release. In other words, a release of all that past emotional baggage that you may have been carrying, until now. Because now you are aware of the importance of – letting go of the past!

Simple Analogies for Letting go of the Past

Think of your past in the following context:

You cannot control the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last chapter!

You do not look in the rear vision mirror when you are driving your motor vehicle!

You do not keep looking back over your shoulder when you are out walking!

In Conclusion

Do not be one who worries about how their past may still have an effect on another’s thinking. Whatever has happened is in your past. Therefore, if it is in your past, then similarly it is in their past also – it’s gone, it’s done! And so they, like you, need to be aware that they must also learn to let it go! Above all, the following quote (my favorite of all time) if adopted into your daily thinking will free you from such anxiety or worry.

“It matters little what others say or think of me, it matters much what I say and think of myself”.

Oscar Wilde

Whatever the situation that exists in YOUR life right now – today, accept it! And above all, LET GO of your struggles and allow change to begin. In conclusion: if you go deep enough, often enough, something good will come back to you! Look within!

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