What are the ‘essential fashion accessories‘ that we all need? Needed that is – to manifest the happiness, inner peace, and contentment that we all desire in our daily living!

These are the essential fashion accessories required:

First – an open and generous heart!

Second – a spontaneous smile!

Third – eyes that sparkle!

These three ‘essential fashion accessories‘ are not the traditional fashion accessories we are used to hearing about. However, they ARE the accessories that you require to be happy, at peace, and content with your life. Above all, if you have these three essential fashion accessories, you are rich!

Why just these fashion accessories??

Yes, that is me, the author of this Blog in the picture. I am with my darling wife Liz at a magnificent beach. And the beach is Cable Beach in northern Western Australia. My wife is the quintessential example of one who has these three vital fashion accessories. Others will tell that she has an open and generous heart, a spontaneous smile, and eyes that sparkle! Above all, we need to be aware that these essential fashion accessories are free of charge and available to every one of us! In addition, they are not aligned with the traditional fashion accessories we have been programmed/influenced to adopt! And these three essential fashion accessories are NOT related to how many fans or followers you have on your social media sites! In other words, they are not external to you; they reside deep ‘within’ you.

Conditioned, Programmed, Controlled??

We must be aware that we are conditioned, programmed, controlled if we like, by the media, by marketing, by so-called ‘influencers’ and by peer pressure. The goal of selling products disrupts the three essential fashion accessories I am describing here. Marketing of most products concerning fashion is all about how we look – on the outside! It is about how we appear to be. Persuading us that we will be happy, peaceful, and content – if we buy this or that product.

In reality, this is what is often referred to as – borrowed happiness. In other words, this emotion we feel only lasts for a few weeks or a few months, and then it dissipates. In other words, the emotion experienced at the time of purchase – fades away. Therefore, with such an attitude we need to purchase some alternative fashion accessories to again feel that same emotional ‘buzz.’ After all, this is the emotional joy that comes from constantly purchasing something new. Gratitude Vitamin

The Impermanence of ALL Things

“The Greatest weakness in life is lack of Awareness.”


We must have a mindset awareness of the impermanence of all things – including life itself! In other words, be aware of the things you have around you, and DO NOT take them for granted! For instance, it is vital to be aware that you were born with the three essential fashion accessories as described here! Above all, KNOW that to be the truth!

In addition, maybe you are blessed with a healthy life partner and family. Similarly, you may have a full belly every night and a warm, comfy bed to sleep in. But, if you don’t have these particular ‘gifts, you do have the essential fashion accessories described above, deep ‘within’ you. Therefore, KNOW that to be true! These three essential fashion accessories are a part of your spiritual makeup. An Eye-Opening Event

In Conclusion

Work daily at discovering ‘within’ yourself the three essential fashion accessories that I have described above. And above all, be aware that we are all born with these accessories. Therefore, all that we have to do is rediscover them if we feel we have lost them. There is A Better Way to Live A Better Way to Live. We just need a process to follow. A roadmap if you like to show us the way.

“After all it is those who have a deep and real inner life who are best able to deal with the rigors of the outer life.”

Eileen Caddy

It is our ‘outer life’ that traditional fashion accessories relate to. Whereas the essential fashion accessories that I am describing here relate to our ‘inner life.’ In other words, all that you need is deep ‘within’ you, waiting to unfold and reveal itself. Therefore, find the time daily to seek what is ‘within’ – these three essential fashion accessories! An Open and Generous HeartA Spontaneous SmileAnd Eyes that Sparkle!


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