We are a product of the daily habits that we develop and follow! Therefore, if you develop and follow good daily habits, the happier and more content you become. And so, as a good habit, you need to cultivate happy thoughts. After all, you need simply develop the habit of seeking out the good in everything and everyone! The benefit of developing good daily habits creates this vital mindset change. Because it is your mindset – your mental attitude, that makes a real difference to your level of happiness. In other words, it is your mindset that creates who you are! Above all, you must be aware that: positive change does not necessarily come easily or quickly. It comes as a result of you being aware of the benefits of developing good daily habits!

The FIRST Good Daily Habit

The first daily habit to create in your life is the same for all of us. In other words, you should daily find the time to sit alone, in total silence, and turn your attention to YOU! After all, it is only when you sit in this space of silence that your ‘inner voice’, your Soul, will hear the messages that your God or Higher Power is constantly sending to you. This, therefore, is the first good daily habit to develop! Sitting alone in silence for 10-15 minutes ‘looking ‘within’ yourself.

“Our inner lives are something we ignore at our own peril. Many of the greatest problems we face in today’s world are the result of such neglect”.

Dalai Lama Calendar 29/01/2021

No one can assume that someone else will solve your problems for you. Therefore, every individual has a responsibility to help guide not only themselves but all of humanity, in the right direction. In addition, we need to be grateful and thankful for another day to learn, to love, and to grow. The benefit of developing a good daily habit of being grateful and thankful for the precious ‘gift’ of life itself – is wisdom in action. Because, when you wake each morning you, are then aware that many throughout the world have not been offered this precious gift of life! In other words, as you have taken your first breath for the day, many others have taken their last!

SECOND Good Daily Habit

This habit is vital for your excellent physical and mental health. The habit of daily writing in a Gratitude Journal! The benefits of developing this good daily habit are immeasurable. Because the power is in the act of writing! After all, whilst you are writing what you are grateful for, that is precisely what you are focusing your thoughts on. For instance, if you are grateful that you have woken up and are aware that you are breathing – you will be grateful. In other words, you are aware as stated above, that as you are breathing many others somewhere in the world, are taking their last breaths! The key benefit of developing this good daily habit is: do not take your life for granted! Life is a gift, not a given.


“The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness”.

The Buddha

‘Looking Within’ is a vital Good Daily Habit

For example, many of us are not aware of the need to develop the daily habit of – Looking Within ourselves! There is nothing wrong with pursuing material and financial independence and success. In fact, this should be encouraged. Because we are all entitled to enjoy the many material ‘gifts’ that are available to us all. And so, this following quote is vital to be aware of, to accept, and to believe as your reality.

“After all, it is those who have a deep and real ‘inner life’ who are best able to deal with the irritating details of the outer life”.

Evelyn Underhill.

In other words, you should not allow the pursuit of your financial independence or material success to shift from your passion, to become an obsession. Because ultimate success in your life comes from following ‘the whispers of your heart’, rather than from your ego-mind. We are made up of a Body, a Mind, and a Spirit. In addition, it is critical for daily happiness, inner peace, and contentment that all three be in balance.

In other words, we must be aware that we have to spend time working on and improving each element – the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. And so, it is vital for our ongoing physical, mental health, and well-being that we understand the benefits of developing good daily habits. After all, as Evelyn Underhill states above it are those who have this deep and real inner life (spiritual life) that can better deal with what is happening in their outer life!

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul – on fire!”.

Ferdinand Foch

Another Good Habit – a Daily Spiritual Practice

The habit of developing a daily ‘spiritual practice’ may require only 10 -15 minutes of your day. But it is that 10-15 minutes that will ‘fire-up’ YOUR most important weapon – your soul! Therefore, what it requires is for you to find that 10-15 minutes daily, to sit alone and in silence, listening to the messages that life sends you. After all, regardless of your status in life, life will continue to send you messages – life lessons.

“Put your ear down next to your soul and listen hard”.

Anne Sexton

Many find it difficult to surrender to this idea as expressed by Anne Sexton. In other words, they find it hard to give in to our daily habit of thinking outdated thoughts. Therefore, be aware that the greatest secret to living a happy, peaceful, and contented life is this – building the awareness/wisdom that everything is created in our minds before it manifests in our outer world. In other words, you must believe it before you can see it!

In Conclusion

You must understand and accept the benefits of developing good daily habits like sitting alone, and in silence. After all, it is at this time you can openly and honestly examine your attitudes, your core beliefs, and your activities. Because you must face the fact that much of what you do AND don’t do, contributes to your struggles and distress. Your choices, moment by moment, make you who you are. Regularly AFFIRM: I know that at each moment I am free to decide – until it is a part of who you are!. Remember: you must believe it before you can see it!

Therefore, your first task is to stop fooling yourself and stop excusing your own shortcomings. You must examine your character with as much honesty and detachment as possible. In other words, 100% honesty and detachment from the result, whatever that might be. And furthermore, be aware that self-examination and change can be difficult and challenging for many, but the reward is enormous! In other words, positive change requires courage – real courage!

Above all though, understand that courage blossoms when you develop the real and deep inner life described by Evelyn Underhill above. In other words, the ultimate benefit of developing good daily habits!

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P.S. This brilliant 10 minutes with Les Brown video will inspire you! I love this man, his personal story, and the work he has done, and still does today, for the betterment of mankind. The betterment of humanity!

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