Spiritual – what does this term really mean? After all, this is a word that we see and hear a lot. But very few really explain what they mean by this term. Therefore, I will explain what I believe ‘spiritual’ to mean when I use the word. My definition of spiritual is as follows. “Spiritual is when you have the courage to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be guided by a God or a Higher Power – of your own understanding and beliefs.” The key in this definition is those last 6 words – OF YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING AND BELIEFS!

In other words, it’s about having the courage to get out of your own way. Simply meaning to quieten or control your EGO. To stop worrying about what others may say or think of you! Such an approach then gives you the freedom to allow yourself to be guided by YOUR God or Higher Power. And we all need to connect with that ‘something’ bigger than us mere mortals. Similarly, this God or Higher Power is of your own understanding and belief. Above all, it is these last 6 words that empower you to create ‘spiritual wisdom’ in your precious life!

Spiritual – what does this term really mean? The above definition is necessary to awaken you to your need to build ‘spiritual wisdom’. Wisdom based on YOUR understanding and beliefs. Not necessarily those understandings and beliefs dictated to you by others. This is an enlightening moment. In other words, it is about YOU and what YOU believe! Therefore, this definition gives you that freedom we all enjoy – the freedom to choose! We all have the freedom to choose what we think. Therefore, if we are free to choose what we think, then we are free to choose who we are. After all, we are what we think!

Why develop a DAILY HABIT of Spiritual Awareness?

Many of the issues that we confront each and every day – start with a thought in our mind! In other words, worries, anxiety, fear – they all start in our MIND. Above all, it is there – right between your ears – that the troubles commence. Therefore, it follows that problems manifest from you Think, Speak, and Act at any moment. In other words, if we are open & honest with our Self, it is about How and What we THINK of our Self! Who and what we are. After all, remember the adage – “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”. In other words, we literally ARE what we think!

We consist of a Body, a Mind, and a Spirit. But so many of us neglect this spiritual dimension and concentrate only on the Body and the Mind. After all, in order to thrive in life, you need to be aware that these three elements MUST work in balance! Above all, you must accept that it is vital you continue your efforts in developing the right thinking. And so, you must develop a DAILY association with YOUR God or Higher Power, before your demeaning inner thoughts restrict you.

Spiritual – what does this term really mean?? – God or Higher Power?

Many of us get hung up on these two labels – God or Higher Power – when they are mentioned in conversation. You can put any label that you like – Higher Power, God, Spirit, Source, Universal Energy, Mother Nature. The label is not important. Remember in the definition above, those six critical words – ‘of your own understanding and beliefs. Therefore, each of us must dig deep into our soul in order to obtain knowledge and understanding of our Self.

Spiritual – what does this term really mean? Above all, we must constantly strive to raise these levels of awareness/wisdom buried deep ‘within’ each of us. In conclusion, the only way to successfully sustain that process is to develop the HABIT of connecting with that God or Higher Power – of your own understanding and beliefs.

Think Gardeners!

Just as gardeners nurture their gardens to create beautiful plants – so we need to nurture our Minds. A gardener is always trying to keep their plot free from weeds. And so we have to keep our minds free from ‘mind viruses’. What are mind-viruses? Think of them as negative, judgmental, impure, useless thoughts about Self or about others. Therefore, you must strive to develop this awareness that such thoughts are harmful to your happiness, inner peace, and contentment!

Above all, such thoughts are like poison to your thought processes. To your moment by moment Thinking. Just as weeds are poison to healthy, beautiful plants in your garden. After all, there can be no progress, no achievement, without personal sacrifice. However, it appears that many are not prepared to sacrifice 15-20 minutes on a DAILY basis. That is all that is required. Simply sit alone, in silence, for 15-20 minutes each day to connect with that God or Higher Power of YOUR own understandings and beliefs! The higher YOU lift YOUR Thinking, your awareness, the greater YOUR wisdom!

“The Greatest Wealth in Life is Health and WISDOM


Our Greatest Weakness in Life??

” Our Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness


Buddha Quotes

This really is the greatest weakness that humanity faces – our lack of awareness spiritual awareness – in particular! Mother Teresa, the Nun who spent her life caring for the poor in the back streets of India, once said the following back in the mid-1990’s. “The problem with the world today is that it is spiritually deprived”. Similarly, I believe, if she were alive today in 2021, she could say. “The problem with the world today is that it is spiritually bankrupt”.

Spirituality and Authentic Success

Authentic success is knowing and living the real you. In other words, KNOWING your purpose. Knowing who you are meant to be, which is not necessarily who or what others THINK or want you to be! Authentic success incorporates knowing your soul. Therefore, if you do not develop your spiritual nature, how do you create authentic success in your life? Authentic success includes feeling good about who you are, valuing the inner as well as the outer. After all, it is this ‘inner life that spirituality is all about – Spiritual Awareness


And ALWAYS remember: It matters little what others say or think of you. It matters much what you say and think of your Self!

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