The ONLY thing that is permanent in life? – change! Change is a part of everyday life. Why not make the present YOUR time for a change! Change can be seen as a ‘gift’ when we are aware and adaptable to change. Above all though, we need to be fully aware and accept that change is inevitable. Therefore, it’s important that you be aware that NOTHING – no thing – stays the same forever! And so, today – the presentmake it YOUR time for change! In other words, in these troubled times in which we all live, make it the opportune time to make it YOUR time for change! After all, change MUST start in your Thinking – in your mind! In other words, a change of Mindset forces a greater focus on the ‘inner’ world. On how and what you think, say, and do. So, be aware that avoiding, blocking, rejecting change – results in struggle, anxiety, depression, sickness, even premature death.

“Thinking that has bought me this far has created some problems that this thinking cannot solve”.


Similarly to this Einsteins quote remember also the old adage: ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so he becomes”. Therefore, we need to be aware that it is our thinking that makes us who we are. Make it YOUR time for change – a change of thinking!

Why make it YOUR time for Change?

This current time in history is more difficult than many seem able to admit. Because humanity collectively and individually is having to cope with intense amounts of chaos, fear, and anxiety. In addition, we are all being challenged in one form or another to recreate or rebuild our lives. Therefore, the above quote from Einstein is very appropriate to meditate on at this exact point in time! Similarly, we can no longer pretend that things are okay. After all, change is being forced onto us by a health crisis whether we like it or not. Furthermore, it would appear that many are freaking out on the inside but are just not talking about its effect on their thinking – on their mindset.

However, a short search of social media quickly reveals the panic and pain that many are experiencing. We are all being challenged, mentally challenged in particular, by current World events. After all, we are all actors in this great unfolding pandemic drama, and so we need to dig deep ‘within’ our individual Self in order to not only survive, but to thrive when we come out the other side! Above all, a new way of thinking is required, just as Einstein expressed above. So now is the perfect time to make it YOUR time for change! REMEMBER – YOUR life today is the sum total of the choices YOU have made thus far – and only YOU can make it YOUR time for change!

Adjust Your Thinking – Change Your Life

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their life merely by changing their attitude. In other words, by changing your thinking you CAN change your life. After all, similarly, as Einstein says above -” Thinking that has bought you this far has created some problems that this thinking cannot solve“. Above all, those who have a mindset that resists change, are those destined to always encounter struggle in their daily life.

“When peace reigns within the mind, one is always happy, even if external conditions are not ideal”.

Dalai Lama

We need to detach from the obedience of outdated fear-based thought systems. In addition, the times within which we currently live require a fundamental change in our individual and our collective thinking. In other words, we need to change how we focus our thinking on the individual, and focus our thoughts on humanity as a whole. For instance: “People were made to be loved – things were made to be used. The problem with the world today is, that we use people and we love things! This was from a piece I have previously read by the Dalia Lama. Therefore, it is tainted thinking like he expresses here that has created problems that such thinking cannot solve! Humanity has shifted in Western society in particular, to be obsessed with loving ‘things’ at the expense of using people! MINDSET MATTERS

Transform to an Attitude of Gratitude

The easiest way to make it YOUR time for change is to daily engage in a gratitude attack! In other words, focus your thinking first and foremost on what you have in your life today – to be grateful for. After all, what is the first thing to be grateful for EVERY day? You wake with a pulse – You are breathing! Therefore, as you are taking your first breaths each day, be aware that many throughout the world are taking their last! In other words, rather than simply taking your life for granted – make it your time for change. A change of attitude from taking life for granted to an ‘attitude of gratitude’! In addition, an even more powerful way of making it YOUR time for change is to start the routine of DAILY writing in a Gratitude Journal 5 things that you are grateful for. The change in thinking subtly manifests from this simple, easy daily habit of writing what you are grateful for! Gratitude Journal Writing

The First Step for Transformation

The first easy, simple Step to manifest change is this – DAILY Gratitude Journaling. In other words, creating the daily routinethe habit – of writing in such a journal subtly changes your mindset. And it is this routine that develops the daily habit of expressing, in writing, that for which you are grateful – in the present – today! Now, this may all seem too simple to manifest change in your life, but the proof is in the doing! After all, it is this actual ACT of writing that creates the subsequent subtle change in your mindset. In other words, you are thinking about what you have to be grateful for as you are writing it down! Therefore, the power is in the writing! Do this, every day for 21 consecutive days, and it automatically becomes a daily habit that you will look forward to doing – every day!


Make it YOUR time for change, and start by being aware of the power of daily Gratitude Journal writing. You have it in you to follow this empowering practice. After all, it is a matter of doing it for 21 days to prove to yourself that YOU can change your thinking, your mindset, which WILL change your life! AFFIRM to yourself the following universal truth as often as you can. In other words, repeat it to yourself over and over for days, weeks, months – because it is the truth! My Life is the Sum Total of the CHOICES I Make!

Make it YOUR time for change!” – click for: Free Report

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