Life is a precious opportunity!

The fact that you can move and breath freely, see, speak, and hear clearly is extraordinary! After all, these precious ‘gifts’ are from God, and you should not take them for granted. Therefore, being aware of the significance of such ‘gifts’ and your capacity to taste, touch, and feel, all add to why life is a precious opportunity! In today’s busy, fast-paced world, we can easily miss such awareness! Therefore, we need to strengthen this awarenessknowing that life is a precious opportunity not to be missed!

“The Greatest Weakness in life is lack of Awareness.”


We have been programmed, or mentally conditioned if you like, from a young age. To the extent that our habitual ‘thinking patterns’ have moved us from experiencing inner peace – daily! Albert Einstien once said: Thinking is hard work; that’s why so few do it! Therefore, we are more sensitive to worry, stress, and fear, leading us to be unhappy. In other words, such daily negative thought patterns affect us physiologically. But they have a negative physical health impact as well.

“The Greatest Enemy in Life is the Self.”


Positive Thinking can happen – DAILY.

Make it a daily habit of becoming aware of the positive events that continuously happen in your life. For instance, you can breathe freely, you can see, speak and hear clearly, and you can taste, touch, and feel. Life is a precious opportunity to be consciously aware of and to be grateful for – daily! In addition, COVID -19 makes us aware that each of us individually and collectively MUST make an effort to change how and what we think! In other words, we need to create the daily habit of NOT just taking any of these precious gifts for granted.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

Therefore, we all need to develop the daily habit of creating and strengthening our capacity to be grateful. Because to be grateful for something, whether large or small, then you cannot be unhappy! So, be grateful for what you have in your life – today!

How to be Happy & Content – daily!

“Starting my day in a state of gratitude was the single most important thing I have ever done to transform my life.”

Waleuska Lazo

Your mindset for your day starts the moment you wake up. In other words, from those first moments of knowing that you are awake. At that very moment, whisper to yourself these two empowering words: Thank You! Because you are then aware that you have been given the ‘gift’ of another day of life. Similarly, be aware as you give thanks for this ‘gift’ that many others throughout the world will never again wake! Therefore, being grateful in that first moment each day is the awareness that life is a precious opportunity. Above all, it is the first vital step to being happy & content – daily!

The next step to ensure that you are happy & content – daily is to find that space to sit alone and in silence to endure a period of ‘inner stillness.’

“There are voices we hear in solitude, but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter the world.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Inner stillness is all about ‘quietening our mind.’ After all, only when we sit in solitude, in total silence, can we be fully present. In other words, we simply need to be still, take our time, and sit quietly. Above all, we must reject distractions, reflect, and empty our minds of any preconceptions of how our day may unfold. https://www.stillness-is-key

“The more at peace we are, the more productive we can be.”

Ryan Holiday

This is the time – 15-20 minutes each day – to concentrate on our breathing. And to learn to ‘let go’ of any expectations for our day ahead. Similarly, it is a time for meditation and prayer. A time to develop the daily practice of writing in a gratitude journal five things you are grateful for. This time spent in solitude is what I refer to as ‘spiritual muscle building’ time-out! Because you are focusing on your ‘inner’ makeup, on your spiritual nature.

In addition, we all must spend time focusing on this spiritual dimension. It is another critical part of our makeup that requires daily nurturing. In other words, happiness and contentment can only manifest if our body, mind, and spirit operate in balance. Above all, the awareness that life is a precious opportunity is an important mindset matter. Therefore, we need to be aware that happiness comes from mastering our minds at a deep inner level. In other words, happiness comes from connecting with our soul. Happiness does not come from accumulating more stuff or from attainments!

“Live in accordance with your outside world and you’ll soon find misery. Live in accordance with your inner world and you’ll soon find happiness.”

Steven Bartlett

Why keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal decreases your desire to have more stuff! In addition, when writing – daily, in that journal, you are focusing on what you have – today! Therefore, you are not focusing on what you don’t have. Or worse still, on what someone else has and that you want! Above all, in this act of writing we focus on why life is a precious opportunity. https://why-daily-gratitude-is-essential/

“Of all the ‘attitudes’ we can develop, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.”

Zig Ziglar

The real ‘gift’ of daily gratitude journal writing is; the more that you write what you are grateful for, the more present you become. In addition, feeling gratitude and not expressing it in your gratitude journal is like wrapping a gift and not giving it! Expressing gratitude is great medicine. After all, it can heal your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Above all, by expressing gratitude – daily, you attract more to be grateful for! Daily gratitude journal writing shields you from negativity. It makes you happier and eliminates stress and anxiety. In addition, it can be regarded as a ‘vitamin pill’ for your soul. And that is why life is a precious opportunity not to be missed. In other words, life may be precious, but it is also fleeting! Everything in this world will pass, and we are no exception. In conclusion, we must make the most of our opportunity to live and not to simply exist and drift through life.

“When daily gratitude becomes your default setting – life changes” THIS, I know for sure!

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