This is THE BEST way to start your day – EVERY DAY! In other words, you start your day learning to have a DAILY Gratitude Attack. After all, should we not spend time being grateful for what we have in our lives – today – in the present!

“If you cannot find gratitude, you will never find peace of mind.”

Leticia Rae

For instance, THE BEST way to start your day with a Gratitude Attack is to write in a Gratitude Journal. The Power Of DAILY Gratitude Journaling is why I share this ‘secret with you – to empower YOU personally. After all, I believe we all have an obligation, a duty of care, to share the benefits of any powerful awakening moments that we happen to experience in life. I refer to these moments as ‘lightbulb moments,‘ and I have had many!

Moments where you are suddenly made aware of something empowering for the very first time. In other words, it is like there has been an explosion of light in your brain. A light shining brightly on this moment of awareness that sadly many let fade out, preferring to stay with the same old mindset. Above all, sharing such moments with others who may struggle with constant change in this troubled world – also benefits the one sharing.

Learning to have a DAILY Gratitude Attack is the first mindset mechanism to be practiced for transformation and change. Such an attitude helps you transform from a mental state of fear to acceptance, from obsession to peacefulness. From sad to happy, the list is endless. In addition, when you focus on what you are grateful for –today, you learn to ‘let go’ of the past!

Similarly, Gratitude is the key to a happy, peaceful, joyful, worthwhile day – every day! Learn to have a Gratitude Attack THE BEST mindset to have – daily.

A Prayer For Gratitude

The following is an extract from a GRATITUDE PRAYER by the inspirational author Louise Hay and assists with Learning to have a Gratitude Attackdaily!

“The more gratitude I feel, the more aware I am that the supply is endless.

I Am Grateful for my myself and for my body.

I Am grateful for my ability to see, speak, hear, feel, taste and touch.

I Am grateful for my family and all of my friends.

I Am grateful for my work, my talents and my abilities.

I Am grateful for my past experiences and know that they were part of my soul’s growth.

I AM grateful for Life now and forever more.”

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never ever, have enough.”

Oprah Winfrey

Vital for Quality of Life

Learning to have a Gratitude Attack is essential for one’s quality of life. Being grateful – daily – is a brilliant way to nurture your own very best friend – YOU! Therefore, cultivate, develop, create an Attitude of Gratitude and be your own best friend 24/7! After all, no one else lives with you 24/7 x 365 days of the year, year after year, after year. And be aware on that deep inner level of the blessings you have in your life – today, to be grateful for.

Above all, take the time to look around you, for blessings are everywhere. The fact that you are alive and experiencing the ‘gift’ of life is a tremendous honor. For instance, as you are freely moving about in your day, be aware that others will have lost their freedom of movement, and for some, they may have lost it permanently. Learning to have a Gratitude Attack is vital for your quality of life – believe it!

Every morning when you wake up

Every morning when you wake up, the moment you are aware that you are awake, whisper these two empowering words: “THANK YOU.” In other words, make this a daily habit. Q. Why a daily habit? Ans: read and absorb the following truth quote

“People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

F. Matthias Alexander

The words Thank You are two of the most beautiful and empowering words in our language. Learning to have a DAILY Gratitude Attack energizes and awakens you to its power when you say Thank You, either silently or aloud. Say it to yourself, say it to others, and say it to the world. We can all contribute to a better world by encouraging others also to have daily Gratitude Attacks. Say it now to yourself – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

For instance, when I have written something in my Gratitude Journal that I am grateful for, I finish the sentence with – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Above all, this daily practice of doing exactly that immediately energizes you! Try it for yourself. In other words, it will change your energy from lethargic to upbeat. It just might be the subtle mindset shift that you have been searching for. Learning to have a Daily Gratitude Attack will change your life because it will change how you may currently perceive life.

In Conclusion

We need to Learn to have a DAILY Gratitude Attack and ‘let go’ of all that was yesterday! In other words, be aware that yesterday and all that happened yesterday are gone, and you are born brand new today – in a brand new day. Therefore, your happiness, peace, and contentment in this new day are dependent entirely on your attitude – today!

Focus your thinking on what you have in your life to be grateful for – today and every day. In other words, we need to stop focusing on what isn’t right about our lives and begin to see what is good and positive. After all, when we focus on the good and positive more of that manifests in our lives. Awakening to this universal fact happens when we Learn to have a DAILY Gratitude Attack!

“Starting my day in a state of gratitude was the simple most important thing I have ever done to transform my life. THE best place to live is in having constant communication with the heart and viewing the world from a place of gratitude.”

Waleuska Lazo

When you feel whole and grateful for who you are and what you have at any given moment in your life, that is when miracles happen!

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