It is true: the more aware and grateful you are for everything in your life, the more reasons you find to be grateful. GRATITUDE – life is all about being grateful.

“Focusing gratitude on anything, no matter how small, makes if grow.”

Terah Kathryn Collins

When you train yourself to start each day with an attitude of gratitude, you will open yourself up to opportunities, not obstacles! GRATITUDE – life is all about being grateful. In other words, when you focus your mindset on being grateful with a deep sense of gratitude for life itself – you will feel like you are enough! Above all, you will become aware that you are not here to compete with anyone. You are here to be a good person, just as you are. In addition, developing the daily habit of writing in a Gratitude Journal will subtly decrease your desire to have more stuff!

When you read about highly successful people and what they have in common, you become aware that they have spent considerable time developing good daily habits.

“Live in accordance with the outside world, and you’ll soon find misery. Live in accordance with your inner world, and you’ll soon find happiness.

Steven Bartlett

GRATITUDE – the world’s most powerful drug!

A Benedictine Monk defines gratitude as: “the feeling of appreciation that comes when you recognize something is valuable to you. Something which has nothing to do with its monetary worth.” Therefore, something simple but critical for your well-being – life itself! When you practice being grateful – daily, you will arrive at a point where you know that some who have come into your life are a ‘spiritual gift.’ Some come to stay, whilst others come and then move on. Above all, be aware, though, that ALL come to teach you something. Perceived past experiences can create a self-imposed mental poison of hatred and revenge. Unconditional gratitude melts such an attitude giving us clarity and vision. GRATITUDE – life is about being grateful.

“Appreciate everything, even the ordinary. Especially the ordinary.”

Pema Chodron

GRATITUDE is good for your health

Creating a daily habit of expressing gratitude has been linked to better mental health, deeper self-awareness, better relationships, inner peace, and a sense of fulfillment. In other words, daily gratitude journal writing reduces intrusive thinking by focusing your thoughts on the positives in your life.

“The greatest weakness in life is lack of awareness.”


We need to think and be aware that ‘gratitude’ is simply another muscle in our body. So, therefore, we need to build that ‘gratitude muscle’ like we do other muscles in our body. In other words, if you work on it – daily, develop, and build on it, then over time, like any muscle, it will develop and strengthen. GRATITUDE – life is all about being grateful.

HOW TO’- daily practice gratitude

Consciously practicing gratitude – daily is the way out of the poverty mentality that many of us are stuck in. Be aware that the mentally poor think more about money than anyone else. In fact, the mentally poor can think of nothing else!

“The mind of poverty has nothing to do with material poverty. When we are caught in the mind of poverty we focus on what we are lacking, and we ignore all that we have been given.”

Roshi Joan Halifax

Imagine a world where EVERYONE starts each day giving thanks and being grateful for the most basic of ‘gifts’ that most of us have right before our eyes. For instance, food to eat, shelter, a bed to sleep in, clean running water, electricity – the list is endless! Therefore, when we wake each morning we need to be aware and develop this daily habit of building our gratitude muscle. In other words, we must simply focus for a few minutes and be aware that we have been given the gift of another day of life! After all, is that not something to pause and be grateful for – daily?

Take a moment right now to reflect and THINK deeply about what you have just read. And be aware that the most basic way to express gratitude is to whisper or write – THANK YOU! GRATITUDE – life is all about being grateful!

Why say: THANK YOU??

These two words are the most unused in our vocabulary. Remember how good it feels when someone says “Thank You” to you when you did something for another? Therefore, think right now how good it will feel when you offer “Thank You” to your Creator when you first wake each morning. In other words, when you whisper “Thank You” as soon as you are aware that you have been gifted another day of life! And like it is with any gift you are given, the more gifts you receive, the more joyful you become. The daily habit of saying Thank You subsequently helps to build your gratitude muscle!

DAILY Gratitude Journal Writing – why??

Writing daily in my Gratitude Journal is the most valuable daily habit that I have developed. Above all, it has changed the way that I view the world. In addition, no doubt adopting such a simple, easy, daily habit has helped build my gratitude muscle! And it only takes approximately 10 minutes each morning! In addition, it is a simple solution for the many mindset problems that people struggle with. Still, sadly deep reflection and 100% honesty with “self” alludes to those who struggle!

Similarly, as you strengthen your gratitude muscle by writing in your gratitude journal, you become aware that life appears to have this funny way of giving grateful people even more, to be grateful for! Their lives are subtly and slowly transformed from misery and self-pity to joy and appreciation.

Think of it like dieting to lose weight. If you desire to lose weight you must – daily, change your thinking about the type and the amount of food that you consume. Above all, once they are aware and effect change in their daily eating habits they notice not only their weight loss. They are also aware of the gratitude and joy flowing through their mindset as a result of their persistence. Similarly, they notice those who have stuck with the same old daily eating and thinking patterns. In other words, misery and self-pity tend to remain dominant within their mindset focus. And of course what you focus on you manifest!

“You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time.”

Dr. Tom Costa


Cultivate the daily habit of appreciating all the good in your life. After all, you do have a pulse each morning when you wake up! Be grateful for and aware that there are many in the world whose pulse will have stopped permanently during your night’s sleep! Learn to recognize the good in each moment and every experience – the good and the not so good. Above all, be aware that all life experiences are designed to help us develop a spirit of gratitude – i.e., build gratitude muscle! In addition, sometimes, the greatest cause of gratitude is concealed in the challenges we face. Challenges that are designed to build that gratitude muscle! Challenges are specifically designed to make us stronger and more compassionate human beings. GRATITUDE – life is all about being grateful

“Your job is to be a good human being. Do your job.”

Ryan Holiday

Be consistent for a long time. THAT is what gets you the results that you want!


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