Many are at war with themselves, and so Change Our Self – Change OUR world is about changing what is going on ‘within’ – within our mindset. After all, it is in our thinking that our perception of the world manifests. In other words, we need to accept that we are governed by what we think, say, and do! Therefore, if we Change our Self – how and what we think – we Change our World! We can often struggle with the opinions and judgments of others and with our own opinions or judgments. We need to adopt a ‘warrior-like mentality’ to control or defeat these viruses that exist in our mindset. Because that is what they are – ‘mind viruses’ – or limiting beliefs! MINDSET- ‘FREE VIDEO

It’s NOT always about You

Everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe. Therefore, we need to be aware and accept that it is not always about us. In other words, instead of judging what others may say, we need to listen and show respect. And respect begins with our Self. After all, if we don’t respect our Self, it is virtually impossible to respect anyone or anything around us. And so, when you like and respect your Self, it is much easier for others to like and respect you also – because we attract what we are! Remember: “It matters little what others say or think of you. It matters much what you say and think of your Self.” Do not concern your Self with other’s opinions of you because other’s opinions of you have absolutely nothing to do with you. Therefore, an excellent motto to follow in this respect is – “Others opinions of me are their business and God’s business. They are none of my business”. Change our Self – Change OUR World -with this awareness, and you immediately manifest a sense of release – freedom!

“If someone remains in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, external surroundings can cause them only a limited disturbance.”

Dalai Lama

Do NOT make assumptions

Making assumptions about people, or on all matters, and then taking things personally, is the beginning of that ‘mental hell’ that we can so easily create. After all, making assumptions is when that war with one’s Self commences! Be aware that much of the drama in your life can be traced back to the creative stories that you have made up – in your mind! You need the awareness that if you can change your thinking – a change within your Self– then you change your world. In other words, real lasting change does NOT happen until we change our thinking, our actions, our reactions, and our perceptions! Therefore, Change our Self – Change OUR world – is the end result!

Accept Your Self – Be As You ARE

If you accept your Self and allow your Self to be – there will be no self-judgment! Similarly, if you accept others as they are, you will find inner peace without any judgment. Just as nobody can control your life, you cannot control or change the life of another. If you try to control the life of another- you lose your freedom. The First Rule in My 8 Rules For Life incorporated in my A BETTER WAY to LIVE online program is- ‘I will not be Judgmental.” After all, it is not until we consciously think about how judgmental our society is, do we become aware of this problem. Also, we do have to acknowledge that we are judgmental before we can correct our Self. However, when this Rule is accepted and is set deep ‘within’ our spiritual make-up, we can quickly check our Self – i.e., take stock of our thinking! You have the power ‘within’ you to achieve whatever you want. You have to be fearless!

“You’ve Got To Be Hungry – The Greatness Within To Win

Les Brown

DAILY – You get to choose

Change Our Self – Change OUR World is a choice you get to make – moment by moment! For instance, when many are aware of this universal truth, they adopt the following escape from reality. They believe that who they are is based on their personality – this is who I am. However, once one is aware of these personality traits, one has the freedom to change! In other words, one’s personality does NOT determine who one is. We get to choose that moment by moment! Therefore, when one accepts this on that deep ‘inner level,’ peace of mind manifests at one’s soul level. Change Our Self – Change OUR World is the concept which enables this release – this mental freedom.

Happiness, Inner Peace, Contentment.

I have found after many years of ‘asking’ – happiness, inner peace, and contentment – is what we are ALL striving to achieve. However, we have been ‘conditioned’ or ‘programmed’ if you prefer, to believe that all of this comes from ‘outside’ of Self. In other words, we can purchase our way to happiness, inner peace, and contentment by acquiring more and more material wealth. However, such a belief virtually ensures that one never manifests lasting daily happiness, inner peace, and contentment! And the emphasis here is on lasting! In other words, we can purchase ‘temporary happiness’ with the purchase of material goods and services. But it only lasts until we have the need to spend again to try and find that same emotional feeling. In other words, we have to become aware that ‘happiness is an – inside job.‘ Therefore, we must learn and accept that happiness is a ‘living emotion’. It cannot be purchased!. It comes from within! Above all, we need the awareness/wisdom that many have tried to purchase happiness. But rehabilitation clinics are full of people who have tried and continue to try, this failed approach for happiness, inner peace, and contentment.


“The greatest discovery of any generation is that any human being can alter their life by changing their attitude.

“(William James 1842 – 1910. Philosopher)

In other words, Change Our Self – Change Our World is about simply changing our attitude to change our life. After all, it really is that simple! And so, you MUST simply remember the ‘power’ is within you, and ‘that it matters little what others say of think of YOU, it matters much what YOU say and think of yourself!

You have got to be HUNGRY, and You have got to be FEARLESS! Fearless

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