“The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness


Most of us are not aware of why the Power of Daily Gratitude is important for our physical and mental well-being. Above all, we need to be aware of how beneficial this practice is for all of humanity. In other words, each of us individually has an important part to play in our humanity. Therefore, a good place to become aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude is to write daily in a Gratitude Journal. Above all, we must learn to daily open our hearts and minds to the magic of the ‘gifts’ all around us!

For instance, it may be the bright, warm sunshine that you awaken to on any morning. There should be a deep appreciation from ‘within’ for such a precious gift. Because to be grateful in that moment focuses your attention on the good in your life. Remember, our mindset in any given moment indicates our level of happiness, inner peace, and contentment. So, be aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude!

What should you Focus on?

First and foremost, You must learn to focus on your mindset on the good in your life. In other words, on How and What you THINK – in any given moment! Why? Because You are What You THINK! After all, when you are in a gratitude mindset, you are open to guidance from a Higher Power.

“If you consciously work to bring more gratitude into your daily life, your world will be transformed whether you believe a Higher Power is guiding you or not!”

Sarah Ban Breathnach www.sarahbanbreathnach.com/

Therefore, Being aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude is critical for your ongoing happiness. When in such a mindset, you enable gratitude to fill your entire being – body, mind, AND soul! You ARE What You THINK

“Thinking that has bought me this far has created some problems that this Thinking cannot solve.”

Albert Einstein

We must start with changing our thinking if we desire to change our life. Being aware of the power of Daily Gratitude is where one MUST start – daily! Above all, be aware that creating the habit of daily gratitude journal writing subtly changes ones thinking.

What to be Grateful for Daily?

The first thing to be grateful for daily is – waking up and still having a pulse! Similarly, it would be best if you were grateful that you could Move and Breath freely. Also, you can See, Speak and Hear clearly. You can Touch and Feel. In other words, these are precious ‘gifts’ that most appear to take for granted, daily! Therefore, Being Aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude changes such a take-it-for-granted mindset. Knowing that makes sense of your past and brings peace of mind for today. Also, it creates a vision for tomorrow.

Daily Gratitude WILL change Your Life

Daily being grateful unlocks the fullness of life. Above all, the more you have to focus on and be grateful for, the more you will be given. After all, this is Universal Law 101. And Being aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude ensures that you are living following this Law. I am now daily writing in a Gratitude Journal for my eighth consecutive year. Above all, I would encourage anyone who wants to transform to A Better Way to Live(A-better-way-to-live/) to create this daily habit of – writing in a Gratitude Journal.

My First Daily Entry – Every Day!

“Our thoughts are like water running in every direction. But just like water when it is channeled becomes powerful. So it is with our minds”.

Dalai Lama

Our thoughts, when channeled onto what we are grateful for daily, become empowering! Therefore, I start my day EVERY day writing in my Gratitude Journal; this the first entry:

I AM grateful that we ALL (family, friends, etc.) woke again today still able to Breath and Move freely, we can still See, Speak, and Hear clearly, Touch and Feel. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

This is the first entry that I make every day, and I have done so now for my eighth year. Why do I write that same entry daily? Because as I am writing those words, I am focusing on and being grateful for the ‘gifts’ of breathing, moving freely, my sight, being able to speak and hear and to touch and feel. In other words, I am NOT simply taking for granted any of these wonderful ‘gifts’ of life! Above all, I am aware and accept the power of daily being grateful unconditionally!


“The Greatest Enemy in Life is the Self”


Being aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude is the first step to eliminate that enemy. In other words, when we are grateful daily, we quickly understand that we can be our own worst enemy! After all, if you reflect and are 100% honest with yourself, you will accept that you can be your own worst enemy. Similarly, I have found that you can never be negative if you are always grateful for something! In other words, focus daily on that first entry that I described above.

Starting your day being grateful is THE best way to ensure that you will have a good day. In other words, start by being grateful that you have a pulse! You are alive to commence another day of living! Therefore, is not the ‘gift’ of having a pulse worth pausing for a moment and being grateful?! Also, when you arrive home at the end of the day. Be grateful that you have arrived home safely! NEVER, never, take such simple ‘gifts’ for granted. After all, EVERY DAY OF LIVING IS A PRECIOUS GIFT. NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!

Are you aware that only one class of people think more about money than the rich? And that is poor. In fact, the poor can think of nothing else! After all, rich or poor, we should focus our mindset on the present. And all be grateful for the good in our lives – today!


Make it a daily habit – Being aware of the Power of Daily Gratitude!

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