Awareness is wisdom in action. When you become aware – you are wise. And so our common goal or purpose in life is to develop awareness – to become wise. Awareness commences as soon as we begin to ‘think’ for ourselves. It is when we do not simply accept the bland or mundane thinking that we may have been taught in our early childhood school years. It is when you are a little more mature and you begin to seek out an understanding of the matters of importance to you. Because this is when you commence raising your level of awareness – wisdom!

“The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness”.

“The Greatest Enemy in Life is the Self”.


How to be Happy

Many spend their life working in order to become aware of how to; create & accumulate material wealth, how to; to develop and maintain brilliant health and fitness, how to; have fun, etc. And all are worthwhile and admirable pursuits. They have been taught this from a young age and believe that this is how they will be happy and content in their life. They are unaware that to achieve happiness, inner peace, and contentment they need to also work on developing ‘spiritual awareness’.

“Happiness is a quality of thought, a state of mind

Daphne du Maurier words-of-wisdom-daphne-du-maurier

And so we need to grasp the awareness of what it is that makes us truly happy. Happiness is not something that can be bought. It is a living emotion. But genuine happiness can only be realized once we commit to making it a personal daily priority in our lives. Awareness of this wisdom is vital for living a fulfilling, joyful, and contented life.

Awareness of Self

Before you can focus on being aware of matters outside of Self, one must understand and accept the need to know thy Self. And so you must spend quality time ‘looking within’ your Self to know the real you. This requires you to quietening or at least control your ego so that you hear messages from your soul. Because your soul is the REAL you! And so, refer back to the Buddha quote at the start: ‘The Greatest Enemy in Life is the Self!”.

“Those who do not speak, know. Those who speak, do not know

Lao Tzu

Power of Quotes

This quote above is you getting to know the real YOU! Lao Tzu was around some 2500 years ago! This is very much about the control of the Ego. And you must accept that you have an ego – we all have an ego. But the ego always likes to be right, and the ego loves to speak. When you develop this awareness/wisdom you will begin to notice that many who speak the loudest and speak a lot – often know very little! And so, much awareness is wisdom in action! But for them, their ego is in control.

“All that you have is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All that you have to do is to be still and take time to seek for what is within you, and you will surely find it”.

Eileen Caddy quotes/by-eileen-caddy

Transformation and Change

Awareness is the very first step along the path of transformation and change. And so a goal to raise your level of awareness is a mindset matter of significance. The will to become more aware or wise requires courage. Because you must find periods where you can shut-out the ‘noise’ from the world outside of Self. But know that when you learn the importance of continually raising your levels of awareness – you are learning to respect your mind! You are also respecting your body, your soul, and you respect You! And through such awareness, you respect and appreciate the precious gift of life itself! You do not simply follow the crowd and take life for granted.

Awareness of Your Beliefs & Values

When you live your life consciously and consistently aware of all that is around you – that is wisdom in action! Because awareness is noticing the moment – living in the present. Some refer to it as – living in the zone! And so awareness is being clear with your ‘inner’ beliefs and values. It is about pausing, stopping. looking, listening, feeling – moment by moment. And thereby knowing and living the real you. Because it is then the end of living the pretend or ego you!

Daily Awareness

In everything that you do – daily – be aware! Be gentle, be kind, be compassionate, be generous and reasonable to all – including to yourself!

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”.

Lao Tzu

The only constant in life is – change! And that is a universal truth. Nothing – no thing – stays the same. This awareness of the impermanence of all life is a central and crucial part of developing wisdom. Because every living thing ultimately dies. And so, the awareness that every day of living is a ‘precious gift – is wisdom in action! Do not take life for granted.

Gratitude for the Day

When you wake each morning be aware of your first breaths. For at that exact moment, someone somewhere in the world is taking their last! And so – be grateful- daily!

The wise among us:

Surrender to what is – the present

Let go of what was – the past

Have faith in what will be – the future

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